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Hallicrafters S38B

This is one of the most popular short wave receivers ever made. It is a Model S38B. Despite its simplicity, the S-38 is a "hot" radio, offering good sensitivity. Like more expensive shortwave receivers, it has a separate bandspread tuner, automatic noise limiter (ANL), and beat frequency oscillator (BFO) for CW listening. It covers frequencies from .54 Mhz to 32 Mhz in four bands (broadcast and 3 short wave). Many collectors consider S-38 the most desirable model in this line, since later models lack the BFO feature. This one is in very good condition throughout. The cabinet has its original black finish. The chassis has new electrolytics and a few other caps and is playing nicely on all bands. I had to replace the speaker as it sounded a bit tinny but now it has a new old stock Quam 5" type 5AO7R speaker. Everything else is original to the radio. Cardboard back is in fine condition as is the underside cover (you can remove it for easy access to the chassis and not have to pull it out of the cabinet). Priced well below the collectors value.

$65.00      condition: good

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