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Chassis - Zenith 1204

This is the big one. It is a Zenith12 tube shutter dial with motorized tuning Serial# R-247923. The chassis was manufactured for 1938 and was used in the following model(s): 12S205 12S232 12S245 12S265 12S266 12S267 12S268 12S374. This chassis used the following tube complement: 6K7G(2) 6L7G 6J5G(4) 6H6G 6T5 6V6G(2) 5Y4G. This is a straight 110 Volt A-C Broadcast and Short Wave Set. It is in excellent condition (just some dust on top to wipe off) but I did notice the power transformer was replaced sometime in the past. The original wood knobs are on the front. Take a look at the dial and the controls. It is truly a top of the line Zenith. I have never had one of these to sell and will probably never have another one. If I find the cabinet I will keep it so if you want it don't hesitate to commit. PLEASE NOTE: I POWERED UP THE CHASSIS TO 70 VOLTS AND IT WAS DRAWING LESS THEN 1 AMP - THE RADIO STARTED TO PLAY FINE AND THE AUTOMATIC TUNING IS ALSO WORKING FINE. STILL SUGGEST A COMPLETE RESTORATION. ORIGINAL SPEAKER INCLUDED IN PRICE (NOT SOLD SEPARATELY).

$300.00      condition: excellent

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