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FEATURED FOR SALE ITEM   (for a limited time at a special price)

1924 Crosley Trirdyn with Tube Amplifier Modification

Another Radiotiques exclusive. This is a 1924 Crosley Trirdyn (Model 1121) radio in a beautiful condition walnut cabinet with a striking black bakelite panel on the front. The original chassis was removed but all switches and controls were left intact on the front panel. A 3 tube amplifier (12AX7, 2 x 50C5) was custom fitted into the cabinet. An RCA phono jack on the back with a special stereo to mono adapter cord allows you to safely plug in any audio source (record player, MP3, IPOD, etc) to hear music. A Bluetooth receiver is also included to pair with any WiFi enabled device (Iphone, IPAD etc) and you can stream wireless entertainment. On the back are the controls for the amplifier (loudness, treble, base) and you can turn it on and off using a switch on the front panel from the original Crosley radio. Speaker terminals are provided on the back. Any 8 ohm speaker will work fine and we can discuss options but if you want to recreate that 1920's sound try a vintage Atwater Kent Model H horn speaker modified to pair with the Crosley - $100 extra (sorry not sold alone). Need a really unique gift, this is the one. If you want the original chassis that came with the radio, it's yours for the asking.

$150.00      condition: excellent

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