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Hallicrafters S40A

For your viewing pleasure, a Hallicrafters S40A communications receiver. This is one of the earlier models from 1947 and is in really nice clean shape (I did not even wipe down the cabinet but if you do it will look even better). I took it apart and replaced 4 electrolytics and one paper capacitor and it is playing perfectly on all bands. Unbelievable sensitivity and selectivity especially with the bandspread dial. You should hear this at night when the short wave and amateur radio bands really come to life. Top lefts up to replace tubes. Chassis is clean. Someone added a wire out the back which I first thought was for an external speaker until looking at it closely and then realized it provides an external input. So I added an RCA phono jack and now you have a way to hook up your IPOD, MP3 player, turntable etc. Just leave off the antenna connection or detune the radio to where there is no station and you can hear your device play great music. Better yet, add a Bluetooth receiver to this jack and go wireless and stream music from your Smartphone, IPAD, Tablet etc. I sell these separately but they are currently out of stock. This is a great deal for this quality of a communications receiver in this condition. It also comes with the original installation and operating instructions. If you want additional information on the band coverage and the functions of the various controls, please ask or you can simply look up on the internet as there is plenty of information available on this gem. Please expect shipping to be in the $30-40 range.

$150.00      condition: good

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