Tube Transistor
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Realistic looking lock use by Master Padlock Company as a premium offer. Made in Hong Kong.

Paul Mason

Decanter shaped bottle containing Paul Masson's Rare Premium California Burgundy. Made in Hong Kong.


Sold through Rsio Shack stores. Volume control is via the top section, and tuning is done by a moveable base plate. Made in Hong Kong.


Nicely detailed upright piano with matching bench. Japanese unit.


Planters Cocktail Peanuts


Advertising KRVN 880 Farm Radio.

Raleigh Electronics Champagne radio (1961)

Piper Heidsieck vintage 1961. Distributed by Raleigh Electronics. Controls via split cap. Japanese.

Randix - Black

Transistor radio in the shape of a 57 Chevy

Randix - Red

Transistor radio in the shape of a 57 Chevy.

Randix - Turquoise

Transistor radio in the shape of a 57 Chevy.


8 transistor

Realtone TR 8611 (1963)

"Constellation", 6 transistors, upper right front round window dial withright side thunbwhel tuning, left side thumbwheel on/off/volume knob, metal perforated grill area, rear fold out stand, AM, battery.

Roller Skate

Features bright colors and excellent detail. Distributed by Prime Desgins and has a UK registration number. Made in Hong Kong.

Scotch Seven

Transistor micro radio. Made in Japan.


Benchmark Bourbon

Snoopy on Doghouse

Classic pose of the worlds most famous pooch. Snoopy lifts up to become the handle for this radio. Controls are neatly tucked under the evs of the house. 1958 United Features Syndicate Inc. Distributed by Determined Products. Made in Hong Kong.

Spice Rack

Wooden spice rack with botles.

Stanley Tape Measure

This life size unit is very collectible. The controls are via thumbwheels that are almost flush with the top. Made in Hong Kong.

Suntory Whiskey

Also marked "Finest Old Liquor" and "Product of Japan". Disributed and bottled by Suntory Ltd. Early unit without distributor markings.

Teachers Highland Cream

"Bottled in Scotland". Japanese unit distributed by Industrial Contacts Ltd. Tuning and volume control is via the split cap.

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