Tube Transistor
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Teacher's Scotch

Two versions of the famous Scotch Whiskey bottle, one with a white label and chrome cap, the other with a yellow label and gold cap. Flask design. Made in Japan.

The Club Screwdriver

Pre-mixed cocktails sold in a can with a built-in shaker. Made in Hong Kong.

Tomato Soup

Heinz Tomato Soup in old style container.

Toshiba 7TH-425 (1961)

round, plastic, seven transistors, made to hang on wall, center round two part dial - the outside is for tuning and the inside is for volume control - on/off switch is a pull-cord at bottom of case, two speakers, AM, battery.


This is in a Tune-A-(xxx) family. It has no markings other than made in Hong Kong.


This little guy, leaning on his one arm, looks like he has lost his last friend.


This unit has a moveable tail and is somewhat unusual subject matter. Made in Hong Kong.


Limited Edition WD-40 can radio. Comes with can of real WD-40 spray lubricant.

Yago Sant Gria

Also marked "A Monsieur Henri Selection" and "Fine Spanish Wine and Citrus Juices Imported by Monsieur Henri Wines Ltd White Plains NY 10604". Volume control is the cap and the tuning is via the control on the bottom. Made in Hong Kong.

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