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DeWald B612 Catalin

At first glance this appears to be a DeWald step top catalin radio Model A502. However, it is actually a Model B612 radio chassis in an A502 cabinet and this is exactly how it originally came from the factory. The B612 chassis is an FM to AM converter so you can play the FM band on you AM radio. But it has a really interesting twist. It is actually an AM oscillator so you can transmit the FM signal to any nearby AM radio. First one of these I have ever seen or even heard of. I got it while on vacation in the Hudson Valley this Fall. The cabinet had several cracks and a tiny chip from the top rear. The chassis had some rust. It was nearly impossible to remove from the cabinet so those 3 screws on the bottom had to be cut off. Finally got the two separated (I held my breath taking them apart so as not to damage the fragile FM glass dial which is in very good condition). I clamped the cabinet and used super glue followed by epoxy to repair the cracks. It came out very well. I have done some preliminary sanding and you cannot feel the cracks, but they are still visible to varying degrees. It will still display nicely as with any catalin radio (the Butterscotch has the most swirling and definition I have seen in a catalin radio cabinet). As for the chassis, lots of naval jelly and the rust is all dissolved. The tuning mechanism and dial cord and on off switch work fine. I recapped the chassis, changed a few parts in the AM oscillator, and it is now working. I was able to pick up several FM stations on a nearby AM radio tuned to 700 kc (adjustable by changing the setting of the trimmer). I put a current price for the radio in its present condition as pictured. There are people who can airbrush over the cracks and make them invisible, but that is for the new owner to decide if they want that done. Price includes shipping US lower 48 only.

$300.00      condition: fair

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