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Downsizing Collection

Radios in collection for sale. One piece or everything. Will only accept offers, please do not ask me for a price.

Crystal Radios item #1767
Collection of crystal radio parts, some very old, some in original boxes. Many different types of detectors, crystals, holders, and some actual radios as pictured. Also an original box of 14 Puretone Crystal Detectors with 8 remaining (picture not shown). Open to offers.

$1.00      condition: good

Steel Phonograph Needles item #1621
These are the removable type that fit the old 78 RPM cartridges and the old wind up RCA/Edison players that have a thumb screw holding the needle. Unbreakable tip. Price is for 25. These are new old stock in sealed packages.

$1.00      condition: excellent

Antique Birch Crank Up Portable 78 rpm Record Player item #1313
Very old crank up portable 78 rpm record player by Birch. They were the premier crank up record player makers. This unit is in a solid wood case that needs some cleaning and polishing but not bad for its age. Working condition with fine speed control. Original crank. Play those old 78's on this gem.

$50.00      condition: fair

Kenwood Speakers item #1180
Set of 4 Kenwood speakers. New condition.

$10.00      condition: excellent

Speakers for vintage radios item #202
Large collecton of speakers to fit vintage tube radios. Priced depending on size, but start at $3.00 for a 3 inch speaker. Output transformers are sold separately. The speakers are mostly used but in good shape. Send description of what you need. These are all PM type but also have limited number of field coil speakers also available.


Charlie McCarthy Radio Party Game item #113
I have several sets of the Charlie McCarthy radio party game. All in good condition. They are complete with all figures and in addition two sets have the outer mailing envelop and the instructions as shown in the picture. Price is per set. I will also sell individual figures if you are missing any from your own set. They are $3.00 each. Charlie and the spinner are $5.00 each. Update April 16, 2007- only one set left.

$25.00      condition: good

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