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Downsizing Collection

After many years of collecting radios I have finally run out of room, and that dreaded word "downsizing" has reared its ugly head. This first round is limited to radios that I can live without, so please do not be offended if I tell you it's not for sale (all that means is it's not for sale at the present time). So if you see something you like please let me know. I will tell you if I will consider selling it and then you can decide what you want to pay for it. I will accept offers only. Please do not ask me what I want for it, it is up to you to make an offer. Of course I will send you a complete description with pictures so you know what you are buying. Shipping will be added to the total unless your offer is to good to be true, and in that case shipping is negotiable. Just click on the rectangular button called Collection and make up your wish list. Please remember that my usual For Sale list with descriptions, pictures, and prices is still functional. Thanks for helping me make my wife happy.

Garrard AII Transcription Turntable item #1805
This is a Garrard Model AII Transcription turntable. Anyone familiar with Garrard knows this is one of their high end turntables. It is in excellent working condition but I would still suggest a thorough cleaning and lubrication to return it to optimal performance. Complete with detachable head stage with an Audio Technica stereo cartridge and solid walnut base. Also, very rare to find this with its original molded dust cover. I have a second Garrard turntable, Model 210. It is also in excellent working condition. I will include it with the Model AII for $25 additional, but only if you pick up. If I have to ship, it will not be included at that price (but you can buy it alone for $50). So $125 for both - what a deal which no one will top.

Century Fast Check Tube Tester item #1803
Century Model FC-1 fast check tube tester. Good condition. I tested a number of different types of tubes and it is working fine. Tests octal, loctal, and miniature 7 and 9 pin tubes. Has handy built in tube pin straightener and short indicator. Comes with original tubes chart (someone in the distant past put scotch tape over the pages which has mostly come off but you can still read all the information necessary to set the filament, load, and socket selector for every tube). This is a very good tube checker to quickly identify good vs bad tubes. You can then rely on more sophisticated checkers to give you more qualitative information if necessary (I use this same checker in my shop and very rarely have to resort to needing more information about a tubes condition).

Powerstat 116 Variac item #1802
If you buy, sell, repair or collect tube radios or vintage HiFi you need one of these. It is a Powerstat Model 116 variable autotransformer (variac). You plug in your radio and slowly and safely increase the voltage with the large knob until you reach 120 volts. Along with a dim bulb tester this will protect you and your radios from possible damage if they are not working properly. Never power up an unknown radio to full power or you are asking for serious trouble. I cannot keep these in stock and they are getting harder to find at prices under $100. This model varies the voltage from 0-130 volts, and has a fuse to protect against possible shorts in whatever is plugged into the variac. I used a 6 amp fuse as this unit is rated for 8 amps but its always better to go smaller (most tube radios will draw just a few amps anyway). I also installed a safe heavy duty cord and plug. I know this one will sell quickly but I am still keeping my price reasonable.

RCA MI-12188 70 Watt Power Amplifier item #1800
What a find. This is an RCA MI-12188 Type SA-70B industrial power amplifier like you would find in movie theatres from the 1940's. It is a heavy beast with massive power and output transformers. It is all original and untouched. I even have the copy of the original instructions. The amplifier has 8 tubes, 4 of which are type 807 output tubes. It is in good condition with just a little cleanup (wipedown) needed (chassis bottom is remarkably clean). Look it up on the internet for more information. Untested of course. Would prefer pickup but will also ship. I priced this at $300 but would consider offers. Can you imagine this as a guitar amplifier with a pair of 15" speakers hooked up to this beast (it could easily handle that and more).

RCA 45J Record Changer item #1791
From 1950, an RCA Model 45J record changer. Plays 45 RPM records, single or stacked. A little sluggish when first turned on but give it a minute and then works fine. Sound is ok but maybe a new needle is in order? RCA RP 168 changer. This is a solid piece with some weight to it and no damage to the bakelite case. Knob on side is on/off and push button in front is for reject function.

Simpson Model 260 Series 6 VOM item #1788
Right from my bench to yours. Here is a Simpson Model 260 Series 6 Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter. Here is the description right from the owners manual (copy included) "this is a rugged, accurate, compact, and easy to use instrument. It can be used to make accurate measurements of AC and DC voltages, direct current, resistance, decibels and output voltage". The unit is in full operating condition. I replaced the two batteries (A and 9 volt), and made some measurements on AC, DC, and resistance and it is working fine. Comes with two sets of leads, one has probes, the other alligator clips (one set stores in the bottom compartment). The bakelite case of the meter itself is in very good condition, as is the outer bakelite case that includes a fold down window to protect the unit when not is use. The inner case is completely removable. I have not polished up either of the two cabinets but you can easily do that and it will shine nicely. A classic meter for the vintage enthusiast who appreciates function and form.

Sencore Cricket TF26 Transistor Tester item #1787
Very handy Cricket Model TF26 transistor tester by Sencore. Tests transistors, FETs, diodes. Tests both in and out of circuit. Good condition with original service manual.

Sprague TO-6A Tel-Ohnmike Capacitor Analyzer item #1785
This is a professional level capacitor analyzer. It is a Sprague Model TO-6A. It was designed to meet the needs of television, radio, and industrial electronic technicians. I have seen prices between $99 for a similar unit in rough condition, to over $200 for a better condition working model. This unit is in great shape, working, and with the original operating manual. Expect shipping to be between $25-35.

Crystal Radio Kit? item #1782
Not sure what all these parts are for but I am guessing a crystal radio kit because there is a package containing a steel Galena crystal with fine cat whiskers and another package labeled Philmore Unmounted Crystal Detector. An original order form that may give a hint what all this means is included. Also has a package with assorted assembly parts and 4 coils, 2 blanks, and two with windings. Came from a radio collectors estate. If your interested in the short wave converter (item # 1781) you can have this for $5 more so $25 for both.

One Tube Short Wave Converter? item #1781
I am guessing that this is a homemade short wave converter. It is from a large estate of vintage radios and ham gear. It is a one tube circuit (3Q5 beam power output) with two battery plugs for A+,A-, B+, B-. and antenna and ground terminals. There is another set of clips on back that get B+ from the battery cable and connect to something external that apparently returns the B+ back to the coil. It also comes with the following plug in coils marked as follows: MRL Hi-Q Inductance 5-A 20, 40, 80 and 160 meters (4 coils), and MRL Hi-Q Inductance Type A Broadcast, LF Broadcast, HF Broadcast (3 coils). The 20 M is in the set. There are 4 controls: on left one variable cap with a pattern on the front for tuning, a large vernier from 0-100 with a fine tuning knob, on top right another variable coil (has a cloth covered wire that kinda looks like a spring that gets tighter or looser as you turn the knob, and bottom right on/off and volume? A neat novelty item or get it working if you can. I bet the coils are worth something.

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