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Downsizing Collection

In addition to radios listed on my For Sale pages, radios in my collection are also available for sale. However, they will be sold by offer only. Due to the rarity of certain radios, restrictions apply.

Setchell Carlson 427 item #1829
Sharp machine age look to this Setchell Carlson Model 427 radio. Bakelite case has a nice shine and no cracks or chips. Chassis lifts out from the bottom and is clean as can be. I replaced a bad power cord, everything else looked original, and it is working fine. Has a big 6 inch speaker which is unusual for this sized radio. Definitely a classy looking vintage radio that some people refer to as "frog eyes".

Emerson AM169 item #1823
Ready for "some" restoration is this Emerson Model AM169 radio from 1938. I say some restoration because the original finish on the sides and front of the wood case is in very good condition, just the top and trim on the bottom need attention. Attention to detail is what makes this one stand out so it should be no secret that this is an original Ingraham made cabinet (nameplate on back). Anyone who knows vintage radios knows that this cabinet maker did a great job on radio cabinets for Emerson and other makers. The radio is both AM and shortwave (band switch on back with its own original knob). I took the chassis out, replaced the dial cord and electrolytics and one other resistor, and it is playing fine. Perhaps a full recapping is in order but at least you are starting with a working radio (this radio must have gotten some good use as there were a number of tubes changed over the years). The field coil speaker was in great shape, as is the original dial and plastic cover. Knobs are original too (on/off volume, tone and tuning). Even has its original wood back in nice shape (try to find this back). Restain and finish the top, do some trim painting on the bottom, and you will have one of the finer Emerson radios in the Ingraham series.

RCA T62 item #1821
What a great looking and sounding radio. This is an RCA Model T62. The wood cabinet features different types of wood trim and the original finish is in very nice shape. I have not done any polishing and it still looks fine. There was an area on the back lower side where some small slivers of veneer were missing, but I stained the background and it is hardly noticeable. It really does not detract from the overall condition of the radio. I serviced the transformer powered chassis and did some recapping, peaked the alignment, and it is working fine. It receives both broadcast and short wave bands. The sound is about the best of have heard and that 6F6 really pumps out the volume. The knobs, the escutcheon, the dial face, the pushbuttons, and the grill cloth are all in excellent condition. Now for the extra features that are sure to please: 1. the radio has a 6U5/6G5 tuning eye tube that is clearly lit and working fine, and 2. on the back is a factory installed slide switch and jack that allows an external input. I plugged in my IPOD using a special cable I make with an RCA phono jack on one end and a 3.5 mm stereo plug on the other, and the sound is perfect (on this radio the volume for the external input is controlled by your device and not the radios volume control). If your looking for that special radio with both looks, sound and features, grab this one. Expect shipping to be in the $25-30 range as its got some weight to it (I will pay half).

Unknown TRF Radio (Climax?) item #1817
I have no idea who made this one but the schematic looks very close to a Climax Model 30-34. It is definitely a 1930's TRF set from the tube lineup (25Z5, 43, 6C6, 6D6, ballast). The cabinet needs some refinishing but I like the old 1930's look so if it were me I would leave alone. I took out the chassis and it had most of its original parts except the speaker which was replaced with a PM type. I went through and replaced the bad capacitors, realigned the receiver, and it is playing fine now. I like the big red tuning knob against the black dial and it is lit so really looks sharp in low light. Great addition to your collection if you like more unusual radios.

Vintage Garrard Synchro-Lab 95B Turntable item #1816
Very nice condition Garrard 95B. This is a high quality transcription turntable. It will play 12", 10" or 7" records singly at speeds of 33.33, 45 or 78rpm, or up to six 12" records of identical speed automatically using large record spindle LRS25 included. I tested the unit and it was a bit sluggish at first but once warmed up seemed to work fine. I would still suggest a thorough cleaning and greasing of the mechanism for optimal performance. It comes with a Shure Hi-Track cartridge. Also included is the original owners manual. I will ship securely boxed by Fedex for $25 and if the cost is more I will absorb the difference.

Pioneer Linear Tracking Turntable item #1812
Nice shape Pioneer Linear Tracking Turntable Model PL-X100. These were popular in the 80's because the tone arm tracks parallel to the groves in the record across the playing surface. This was supposed to reproduce music to a "purer" degree then a conventional turntable. Some people swear by them. I have one in my system along with a conventional turntable and one thing I will say is that they are easy to operate and prevent your records from damage as the tone arm is in the cover and you never touch it. Just open the cover and place your record on the platter, close the cover, and the electronic controls do the rest. This unit is in very good condition and operates fine. I also just replaced the needle.

Fisher XP44B Speaker System item #1811
From out of a time capsule come these Fisher XP44B speakers, brand new in their original packing and box, circa 1971. Apparently the XP's were pretty decent and they were based on a proven Wharfedale design, had ALNICO magnets (aluminum/nickel/copper and can make for a very musical speaker), had rubber speaker surrounds (no foam rot), and had what was referred to as the New England sound (typically used to refer to Acoustic Research/Advent/EPI laid back sound from the 60's/70's). I opened the sealed box to take them out for their picture session and now they are safely packed away again. And yes I tested them and they sound great! Don't miss this opportunity as I am positive no one else is selling these speakers brand new and this price is a give away. All paperwork, original speaker wires, speaker emblems etc are in the box. I will place the original box in an outerbox to protect it so expect fully insured Fedex shipping to be in the $30-35 range.

Zenith 6S-511 item #1809
Very sharp Zenith Model 6S511. Best shape radio I have had in this series. The bakelite case has a great shine and no damage. The chassis was rebuilt including replacement of the power transformer and works perfectly. All original trim (Zenith Z knobs, pushbuttons, plastic dial, back, tortoise handle). Easily adapted for IPOD, MP3, Tablet, IPAD, Smartphone input for $25 additional (will include Bluetooth receiver). Zenith fans grab this one.

Bendix 111 item #1808
Nicely styled Bendix Model 111 radio. Bakelite case has no cracks or chips and has a nice shine. Molded in handle. Chassis has new electrolytics and some other caps and is playing fine. Chassis on this model pulls out from bottom. Has built in antenna and short wire on bottom for external antenna if needed. Original Bendix knobs.

Philco Tropic item #1806
Here is a very unusual radio. It is a Philco Model B3101B also called the "Tropic". The painted green bakelite case is in good condition and will clean up nicely (no chips, no cracks). What is interesting about this radio is that it was made in England. The English version of this radio features a LW (long wave), MW (middle wave or broadcast) and a SW (short wave ) band but this is their overseas version and has a MW band + 2 SW bands. I powered it up and was able to get a station or two on the MW band. It takes a while to start to play because it has a tube saver circuit. The chassis features all loctal tubes (unusual for an English radio) which made me curious as to what's on the bottom of the chassis so I opened it up. Sure enough there are English parts but it appears to have been recapped with modern equivalents. Everything looks good and there are no shorts, so I am now guessing that a good alignment will bring this set back to operating condition. I am including the schematic downloaded from Radiomuseum which has alignment instructions. The rest of the radio looks all original including the back, knobs, and the sticker inside the cabinet. If you collect Philcos I bet you would like this one.

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