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Effective immediately please note the following. International customers are welcomed but shipping quote requests must be for a $100 minimum purchase excluding shipping, and the only form of payment accepted will be Western Union Money Transfer. Also, Customs Forms for your country will be filled out for the full value of the purchase price with no exceptions. Thank you.

Heathkit W4-AM Tube Amplifier with Matching Preamp item #1757
Here is a beauty for your vintage HiFi collection. It is a Model W4-AM single chassis 20 watt amplifier. It is in very good condition but untested. Tube compliment 2-6SN7's, 2-5881's, 1-5V4G. The power transformer is massive and heavy (this weighs more then my McIntosh MC 30 and I bet you it sounds just as good). The chassis features a Williamson-type high fidelity circuit with a special design Chicago standard output transformer (taps provide output impedance of 4, 8 and 16 ohms). Comes with a matching Heathkit WA-P2 preamplifier with a cable that plugs directly into the amplifier.

Philco 48-460 Boomerang item #1756
Sharp looking Philco Model 48-460 aka Boomerang or Hippo. Bakelite case has a nice shine and aside from one hairline crack on bottom (epoxied and out of sight) is in very nice condition. 6 tube chassis was recapped and playing fine. Original knobs, dial, and full label on bottom. In my opinion one of the best designed and best looking Philco radios from 1946.

Smokerette Radio item #1751
What a find - a Smokerette Radio Model SR600. It is by Porto Products Chicago IL and is from the same manufacturer that sold the Portobar radio. It is from 1947-48. This one is in beautiful condition with no cracks or chips to the massive bakelite case. The only thing missing is the original square ash try but I bought a vintage ash tray made of bakelite from the 1940s on eBay and will include (first picture is the radio I am selling with this ash tray, second picture is the same radio from the internet showing the correct ash tray). I am not sure if this ever came with pipes but there are 4 slots to hold your favorites. Includes two humidors for cigars and tobacco and a double humidor for cigarettes. The covers on all three compartments are intact but there are 1 or 2 two small stress cracks on the inside of the covers (no big deal but just wanted to make sure the description is complete). As for the radio itself, the chassis was restored and is playing fine (Stewart Warner actually made the chassis). I have two of these in my collection (a brown one and a white one) and always get wonderful comments from anyone who sees them. Grab this one for yourself. It will securely boxed with insurance to get to you safe.

Airline 62-636 item #1750
Beautiful Airline Model 62636. Bakelite case has no cracks or chips and has the most detailing of any I have seen. Chassis was fully restored. Plays like a champ. Striking at night with the lit telephone dial and eye tube.

Chassis Parts - Philco 635 item #1745
Everything as pictured from a Philco Model 635 radio. Tuning mechanism, 4 coils, bakelite block condensors, switches/controls including bandswitch, power transformer. Shipping included (add $5 West of Mississippi).

Philco 46-200 item #1739
Philco Model 46-200 Transitone. Bakelite case has a hairline on the bottom only. It is tight and does not show. Some cleaning and polishing and it will look fine. Chassis is untested as cord is cut but appears complete. Bullet knobs and plastic dial cover look good. Labels on bottom.

Emerson 333? item #1738
Looks close to an Emerson Model 333 from 1940. Bakelite case in very good condition but needs some cleaning and polishing. Radio is in good working condition and still has its original parts (suggest a recap for future reliability). Original knobs, dial plastic, and power cord (should be replaced).

Cornell-Dubilier Decade Capacitor item #1735
Cornell Dubilier Decade Capacitor, Model CDA. Can be used to substitute in the circuit capacitor values as a great repair tool to find those bad caps. It covers 0.0001 to 0.01microfarads. The red bakelite cases is without chips or cracks but could use some cleaning and polishing. In working condition. Have two identical units in similar shape as pictured. Price is for each but buy them both for $15.

Cornell-Dubilier Decade Resistor item #1734
I am selling a set of 3 Cornell Dubilier Decade Resistors, Models RDA, RDB and RDC. These can be used to substitute in the circuit resistor values as a great repair tool to find those bad resistors. Each decade resistor box covers the following ranges: RDA 1-100 ohms, RDB 100-10K ohms, RDC 10K to 100K ohms. They have red bakelite cases without chips or cracks but could use some cleaning and polishing. They are in working condition. Price is for all 3 but if you want them separate they are $8 each. I am also selling a similar Decade Capacitance CDA unit (see item 1735). I have two of them but will include one in addition to the 3 above for $25.

Chassis - GE G86 item #1732
Large chassis from a GE Model 86 tombstone or console radio (came in both cabinet styles). It was recapped, has a new dial cord, and is working fine. It is transformer operated and has 8 tubes including a functional 6UE eye tube. It has a multi position tone switch and has a great sound when connected to a large speaker. It is also a 3 band radio (broadcast, police and short wave). Unfortunately it did not come with a speaker but I have a 12 inch field coil speaker I used to test out the radio and I will include it with the chassis for an extra $20 (sorry speaker not sold separately). One nice feature of the chassis is that the output transformer is on the chassis itself so if you did not want to use a field coil speaker, just jump the 2 field coil leads with a large resistor and then connect the other two leads to any permanent magnet speaker. The chassis also came in a home made wooden cabinet. It is constructed of plywood but it was a good job and if you are skilled enough to cover it with a thin veneer this would be a great looking table radio. The cabinet has 3 escutcheons - one for the tuning dial, one for the pushbuttons, and one for the eye tube. If your interested in the cabinet it will be included with the chassis (picture upon request), but you can also just buy the chassis and save on shipping weight. Original knobs are included. Pushbuttons are functional but need some cleaning (they are not damaged).

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