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Huge Radio, Audio, HiFi Tube Inventory Sale item #1862
Two large automotive supply cabinets filled with hundreds of vacuum tubes from the 30's on up. Octal (GT) locktal, miniature. Radio, audio, HiFi. foreign etc. Almost all boxed new old stock. Pictures coming. No shipping, must be picked up.

Small 3 Tube Phono Amplifier item #1857
Three tube (35Z5, 50L6, 12SQ7) amplifier taken from an older record player. On/off/volume and tone controls. Use with a PM speaker with mounted output transformer. Chassis underneath looks original but untested.

Cornell Dubilier Decade Capacitor Boxes item #1849
Original Cornell-Dubilier Electronics Division Decade Capacitor Boxes Models CDA and CDB Covers most if not all capacitors in radio circuits Great for junping in good capacitors to test out bad ones. Can be used on powered up radios. Connect a pair of cables with alligator clips and quickly test out those questionable capacitors. Decent condition but missing some small grommets on back cover (easliy replaced). Case made of bakelite and can be polished up. Bargain at $25 for both (check the prices for these on eBay).

Cornell-Dubilier Decade Resistor Boxes item #1848
Original Cornell-Dubilier Electronics Division Decade Resistor Boxes Models RDA, RDB and RDC. Covers most if not all resistors in radio circuits Great for junping in good resistors to test out bad ones. Can be used on powered up radios (2 watts max limitation). Connect a pair of cables with alligator clips and quickly test out those questionable resistors. Nice condition and cases are made of bakelite and can be polished up if desired. Bargain at $30 for all 3 (check the prices for these out on eBay).

Zenith 6D221 item #1843
Black dial Zenith Model 6D221 radio from 1938. The design of this set may be a variation of the Zenith "Cube" series. It has a beautiful walnut body inlaid with mahogany veneer. I was almost sure it has been refinished but after looking at pictures of other similar sets they all look so close and just maybe I am wrong? The chassis has been restored and it is playing fine on AM and short wave. The original had wood knobs with the Z on them but this one has plastic knobs (the top knob is the on-off-volume control, the second knob is the tuner and the bottom knob is the band switch). This radio sold for $499 in 2018 on the Radio Attic ( so I am giving you a bargain at $150 because of my doubts about the finish and the non original knobs. But who cares as it looks damn good the way it is.

Dual 1212 Turntable item #1839
As good as it gets. Here is a Dual (United Audio, Germany) Model 1212 turntable in great condition on a beautiful walnut base. I am selling some of my vintage gear and this has been a mainstay until now. Complete with an Audio-Technica AT120E cartridge. Copies of all documentation (service manual, instructions, cartridge instructions and specifications). Plenty of information on this turntable on the internet so no need to repeat here. Just in time for that special Christmas present for that special person (you).

Chassis - Philco 38-4 item #1835
This is a very nice chassis from a Philco 38-4 console. The cord was cut but since everything looked original and intact I jumped in a power cord and slowly brought it up to full voltage on my variac. It was drawing the correct amperage, B+ voltages were within range, and I got some sound from the speaker. Should therefore be a straightforward restoration. Uses dual 6F6 output tubes. The dial is one of the best I have seen. I also have the original speaker with a repaired small tear. Price for the chassis and speaker is $75. Also would be willing to sell separately (chassis $45, speaker $45) or part out to save shipping costs - what do you need? (those transformers with the rectifier tube on top will cost you as much as I am asking for the chassis but you can buy the part). Expect shipping to be in the $30-35 range due to the weight.

Hallicrafters 5R41 Continental item #1834
Beautiful condition Hallicrafters Model 5R41 "Continental". Best I have had. Leather case perfect. Chassis was removed and the dual electrolytic and one tube replaced. Working fine. Uses batteries or AC. Even has original black antenna wire for use on the short wave band. Even snap on back intact. Buy it now for $100 and I will include shipping US 48 only.

Chassis - Admiral TV Model 19A11SN item #1833
The chassis looks complete with some light surface rust removable with a brush. Uses a 7JP4 CRT with filament continuity. The only part replaced appears to be an electrolytic and done not to long ago so this set may still be working. Complete with Riders servicing paperwork.

NordMende Sterling German Radio item #1831
NordMende Sterling tube radio from Bremen Germany. Also marked Norma Luxus USA on back. Great condition and comes with its original cloth dust cover with the NordMende name on it. Plays so well I never opened it up. AM, FM and SW bands. Provision for external FM dipole and AM antennas. External speaker jack as well. A real beauty.

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