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Downsizing Collection

After many years of collecting radios I have finally run out of room, and that dreaded word "downsizing" has reared its ugly head. Not all my hundreds of prized possessions are for sale, but if you see something you must have please email for a complete description. Then you can decide what you want to pay for it. I will accept offers only. Please do not ask me what I want for it, it is up to you to make an offer. Shipping will be added to the total unless your offer is to good to be true, and in that case shipping is negotiable. Just click on the rectangular button called Collection and make up your wish list. Please remember that my usual For Sale list with descriptions and prices is still functional. Thanks for helping me make my wife happy.

Simpson Model 260 Series 6 VOM item #1788
Right from my bench to yours. Here is a Simpson Model 260 Series 6 Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter. Here is the description right from the owners manual (copy included) "this is a rugged, accurate, compact, and easy to use instrument. It can be used to make accurate measurements of AC and DC voltages, direct current, resistance, decibels and output voltage". The unit is in full operating condition. I replaced the two batteries (A and 9 volt), and made some measurements on AC, DC, and resistance and it is working fine. Comes with two sets of leads, one has probes, the other alligator clips (one set stores in the bottom compartment). The bakelite case of the meter itself is in very good condition, as is the outer bakelite case that includes a fold down window to protect the unit when not is use. The inner case is completely removable. I have not polished up either of the two cabinets but you can easily do that and it will shine nicely. A classic meter for the vintage enthusiast who appreciates function and form.

Sprague TO-6A Tel-Ohnmike Capacitor Analyzer item #1785
This is a professional level capacitor analyzer. It is a Sprague Model TO-6A. It was designed to meet the needs of television, radio, and industrial electronic technicians. I have seen prices between $99 for a similar unit in rough condition, to over $200 for a better condition working model. This unit is in great shape, working, and with the original operating manual. Expect shipping to be between $25-35.

Philco 46-350 Roll Top item #1777
This is a Philco Model 46-350 AC/battery radio also called the Roll Top. The wood case/cloth exterior is in good condition and with some cleaning will look just fine. The wooden roll top is intact and in good shape. The entire radio looks to be in original condition but the power cord is dry and brittle so I could not power it up. I am sure it could easily be brought back to life with the appropriate servicing. The knobs and dial are fine but the dial cord needs restringing. The leather handle must have deteriorated but the metal support is intact and repros are available. Quality radio for restoration.

FADA 605 item #1774
Beautiful condition FADA Model 605 radio. Bakelite case has a great shine with no damage. Chassis was restored and the radio works fine. All original knobs, dial, back, and label on bottom. This is the later Model 605 that uses miniature tubes. You won't find one of these in better condition. Picture coming.

Stromberg Carlson 410H item #1773
Stromberg Carlson Model 410H from 1940. They build quality radios. The nicely detailed cabinet was also built by Stromberg Carlson and has the original sticker inside. It can use some touching up but it is solid. One of the wood bars over the speaker is missing. Either take off the remaining bar, center it, or find replacements (many radio cabinets had these bars over the speaker/grill cloth). The chassis is untested since the power cord is cut. It looks complete and is in very nice condition. Look at the depth of the chassis - only Stromberg Carlson and Zenith give you this much depth so a cinch to work on. It is a power transformer chassis with 2 bands (broadcast, short wave) and a phono input which means you can plug in your IPOD, MP3 etc. The field coil speaker is decent sized and I am sure once restored will sound great. Original knobs left and right but replacement in center. Dial looks good. Original label on bottom.

Zenith 6S527 item #1772
Selling a Zenith Model 6S527 for parts or repair. Wood case in condition as shown. I pulled the transformer chassis out (plenty of dust) and it is all original including Zenith tubes (7H7, 7B8, 7A8, 7B6, 6K6, 6X5). Field coil speaker is not damaged. Power cord dried out and brittle so it is untested. Dial needs cleaning. Knobs missing. Brass plate with Zenith on it missing from under the pushbuttons. Back antenna intact. Sold complete or for parts - let me know what you need.

Zenith L518 Clock Radio item #1771
Zenith Model L518 clock radio in beautiful condition. All original right down to a complete set of labels on the bottom. Everything is working of course. I do not think you will find one of these in better condition and that's why it was in my collection (but not for long).

Philco Flying Wedge 49-503 item #1770
Watch this space as I will be it to list one radio from my collection each week. Here is a Philco Flying Wedge Model 49-503. The cabinet has some fine surface scratches and a small melt mark on one side. There are no cracks. The teal green finish is very good and shines. The chassis has been recapped and plays fine. There is some surface rust as you can see in the 2nd picture. The front plastic grill cover with the wedge, knobs, and dial are original and in excellent condition. There is a full label on the bottom. A rare radio especially in this color.

Motorola 65T21 item #1768
Nicely styled Motorola Model 65T21 (chassis HS67). Wood case is solid but the finish has some wear and scratches. If you removed just the lacquer finish, lightly sanded, and then reapplied the finish it would look very nice. The front burled wood look ads a lot to the appearance and that only needs to be cleaned. The radio initially did not power up and when I removed the chassis I found an open field coil in the speaker. I replaced it with a permanent magnet speaker and it now works and sounds really good (aside from a scratchy volume control - just needs some spray). The rest of the chassis has its original parts but still plays extremely well without hum. This is a transformer powered chassis with 6 tubes so that is why it sounds so good. Also receives both broadcast and short wave bands (it has a built in antenna system for AM and short wave with a clip if you want to add an external antenna). Rest of radio had its original parts including the 4 knobs and a full label on bottom. Even the decals above the knobs are fully intact and readable. The dial looks good (the light spot in the bottom lower left is the remains of a spider web will come right off) It will be a good radio for the price either refinished or just left as found (use a little Howards Restor A Finish and it will hide the surface wear and look twice as good as it looks now).

Zenith 5G500 item #1764
Zenith Model 5G500 Universal (AC and battery). Predecessor of the Zenith Transoceanics. As found original condition except handle (easily replaced). Great for parts (let me know what you want - chassis, knobs, case, back and front doors, wavemagnet, etc) or restore. Please note dial plastic pictured is warped but I will supply an original unwarped dial plastic for this radio.

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