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parts set

Weller Soldering Gun Kit item #1470
Weller Junior Model 8100K. Complete as shown in original box. Works fine. Dual illumination.

$20.00      condition: good

Cabinet - Emerson FL414 item #1466
Nicely detailed bakelite cabinet from an Emerson FL414. There was a crack along the bottom that I epoxied from the inside. You cannot see the crack unless the cabinet is turned upside down. No other major damage, just needs cleaning and polishing. Original plastic dial cover not cracked. 1942 vintage. This is the model that features a push button tone control on the front between the two knobs.

$15.00      condition: fair

MP3 IPOD Player Jack Installation item #1459
Add an MP3 player or IPOD or any device with a line level output. I will install a mini jack so that when you plug in your music source the radio is muted. Please keep in mind that you will be hearing the music in mono (not stereo) but the warm sound of the tubes will more then compensate. Please ask about a Bluetooth upgrade. Sorry this service is only done on radios I am selling or repairing.

$15.00      condition: excellent

Ballast Tubes item #1457
I have a limited number of NOS ballast tubes. They are $25 each while supplies last. Please ask for availability for your specific needs. Price includes USPS shipping.

$25.00      condition: excellent

Parts - Zenith 6G001Y Transoceanic Companion item #1448
Parts available for this model shown in picture. Prices upon request. Other model transoceanic parts also available from time to time.

$1.00      condition: fair

Books - Classic Plastic Radios by Sideli item #1437
A picture is worth a thousand words does not due this book justice. Just about every catalin radio from A to Z is covered in chapters organized by make and model. Anyone who collects catalin radios or anyone who dreams about them would love this book. Long out of print and hard to find which is why they cost so much on eBay and booksellers websites. My prices for these guides are less compared to them. The pictures will blow you away - guaranteed. The only thing I ask is please don't drool on them. Will be sent USPS Media Mail and postage included in price (US lower 48 only).

$75.00      condition: good

Books - Old Time Radios and Radio and TV Price Guide item #1436
Old time Radios by Carr is copyrighted 1991 and is an excellent and sought after guide to the restoration and repair of tube radios. Goes into great detail about power supplies, receivers, amplifiers, basic radio troubleshooting, alignment techniques and several other topics (cover is a little worn on top with some scotch tape but rest of book in very good shape). The second book is more of a general guide with pictures, descriptions, and values of tube and , transistor radios and tv's. Price for Carr is $20, Poster is $15, both for $30. Can be sent USPS Media Mail. UPDATE CARR BOOK SOLD. POSTER STILL AVAILABLE

$30.00      condition: good

Books - Guide to Old Radios item #1435
David Johnson authored this nice guide to tube radios with pointers, pictures and prices. Copyrighted 1989. Two copies available. Can be sent USPS Medial Mail.

$20.00      condition: excellent

Books - Antique Radios Restoration and Price Guide item #1434
Rare to find the 1980 original edition of this timeless book. Great for beginners who want basic information as shown in the table of contents. Also nice book for serious collectors who want the large format original edition. Can be sent USPS Media Mail

$25.00      condition: good

Books - Collecting Transistor Radios Marty and Sue Bunis item #1432
First and second editions from 1994 and 1996. Identification and values of hundreds of transistor radios. Many color pictures. Condition is almost mint. Price is for the pair. Can be sent USPS Media Mail.

$25.00      condition: excellent

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