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Minimum - $15 on any order, $5 and up for postage. Thank you

AA5 Miniature Tubes 50C5 35W4 12BA6 12BE6 12AV6 item #379
Here are the miniature radio tubes known as the All American Five - 50C5 (or 35C5), 35W4 12BA6 12BE6 and 12AV6 (or 12AU6). These are used in radios of the 50's and later. Tubes are used but tested good on my tube tester. $2 each. NOS tubes also available at $5 each.

$2.00      condition: good

Books - Electronic Tubes Essential Characteristics item #360
This book is a must if you repair radios or TV's. It lists all the tubes, their characteristics (type, voltages for grid, plate, filament etc), and the basing diagram which identifies the pin numbers with the elements. I have 3 copies. Free upon request with radio purchase please.

$0.00      condition: good

Tubes item #242
I have acquired a large inventory of tubes (early 4 pin, 5 pin, octal, glass, metal, miniature 7 pin, 9 pin) and will be selling them on a limited basis in order to keep a good supply on hand for my repair services. Please enquire about availability. No large quantities or dealers please. Loctal, octal, and miniature tubes will usually be priced at $3-5 except HiFi audio tubes which will reflect current market value. Early globe tubes, 4 and 5 pin preoctal also available. Ask about NOS on most tubes.

$1.00      condition: excellent

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