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parts set

Small 2 Tube Phono Amplifier - Columbia item #1853
From Model 515 Columbia record player. Two tube amp (35W4, 50C5) on nice compact chassis. Has volume and tone controls. On/off switch was on record player but can be installed on chassis by connecting orange and blue wires to power source (schematic included). Input via volume control can be record player, IPOD, MP3 etc. Untested but looks complete.

$25.00      condition: good

Vintage 12" PM Speaker item #1852
Vintage 12" PM speaker unknown manufacturer. Very good condition. Voice coil measures 14.1 ohms

$25.00      condition: good

Vintage 12" Pilot Radio PM Speaker item #1851
Vintage Pilot Radio 12" PM speaker. Has a small puncture on top and a small tear (both easily fixed but do not interfere with sound quality).Voice coil 7.4 ohms.

$25.00      condition: fair

Vintage 12" Capehart PM Speaker item #1850
Great condition vintage Capehart PM speaker. Voice coil measures 2.8 ohms

$35.00      condition: excellent

Motorola 5P32C AC Portable item #1846
Nice retro looking Motorola Model 5P32C. AC with attached plug or battery operation. Clean case in good condition. Insides look original. Powered it up and got some reception first time and then dead. Repeated and got the same thing again. Probably needs some basic servicing and this one should work again. These 1950 portables are becoming very collectible.

$25.00      condition: good

Philco M26 Turntable item #1845
This turntable is out of a record player (Model D1347) that I am selling for parts. The amplifier and speaker system are for sale under a separate listing. The turntable is all original and not seized but I do not want to plug it in until the mechanism has been cleaned and greased. It plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm records and can be used in manual or automatic mode. I have a copy of the complete 16 page service manual that will be included. It also comes with the extremely rare 45 rpm adapter that is original to the turntable and usually missing. If you want a deal buy the amplifier and 3 way speaker system, the turntable, and for $10 more I will include insured Fedex shipping. This will be the makings of a nice 1950's vintage HiFi system.

$25.00      condition: fair

1924 Crosley Trirdyn with Tube Amplifier Modification item #1842
Another Radiotiques exclusive. This is a 1924 Crosley Trirdyn (Model 1121) radio in a beautiful condition walnut cabinet with a striking black bakelite panel on the front. The original chassis was removed but all switches and controls were left intact on the front panel. A 3 tube amplifier (12AX7, 2 x 50C5) was custom fitted into the cabinet. An RCA phono jack on the back with a special stereo to mono adapter cord allows you to safely plug in any audio source (record player, MP3, IPOD, etc) to hear music. A Bluetooth receiver is also included to pair with any WiFi enabled device (Iphone, IPAD etc) and you can stream wireless entertainment. On the back are the controls for the amplifier (loudness, treble, base) and you can turn it on and off using a switch on the front panel from the original Crosley radio. Speaker terminals are provided on the back. Any 8 ohm speaker will work fine and we can discuss options but if you want to recreate that 1920's sound try a vintage Atwater Kent Model H horn speaker modified to pair with the Crosley - $100 extra (sorry not sold alone). Need a really unique gift, this is the one. If you want the original chassis that came with the radio, it's yours for the asking.

$150.00      condition: excellent

Chassis - Crosley Tridyne Regenerative Receiver 1924 item #1841
Chassis only. Untested. As removed from cabinet - what you see is what you get. Save shipping - parts also available.

$10.00      condition: parts set

Emerson Library Radio item #1840
A beautiful example of this Emerson radio that resembles a set of books, "History of Nations," eight volumes, circa 1947. The overall case is in excellent condition, however, the right door that hides the radios controls and dial when closed has come off from its cloth hinge. You can either buy color coordinated binding tape and reattach, or you can have a professional bookmaker repair for you (I got an estimate of $75 to do the work). Many of these sets are completely missing the door because of this reason. The chassis has been checked and parts replaced as needed. The dial lamp works fine, and the set plays good, picking up all my local AM stations. Not an easy radio to find. Size is 13"W x 8"H x 8"D. Shipping included in price.

$300.00      condition: good

Philco HiFi Amplifier/Speaker System item #1838
I took this amplifier out of a Philco Hi Fidelity record player Model D1327. It is quite large for the type of amps you usually find in record players. Although it has three tubes it delivers an amazing 6W audio output. The circuity is unusual and features two selenium rectifiers with a voltage doubling circuit so the plate voltage on the 50L6's is 215 VDC. The usual plate voltage on a 50L6 is 105 VDC. These higher voltages and power achieve a greater frequency response resulting in a true hifidelity sound. The amplifier is all original and should be recapped before attempting to play it. Another unusual feature is that it uses two speakers, an 8 PM inch bass, and a 6 inch electrostatic speaker with an acoustic resonator. They are mounted on the original grille and in excellent condition with a plug that goes directly into the amplifier (ask for pictures). These will be included with the amp. Since the amplifier already has a phono input, you could easily plug in your IPOD, MP3 etc and really rock the house (ask me about a Bluetooth receiver that plugs into this input and you can stream music from any Bluetooth device for a really special listening experience). Copy of schematic and parts list included. Connecting cables that plug into amp included.

$65.00      condition: fair

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