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Silvertone 9001 item #1531
Nicely designed Silvertone Model 9001 radio from 1949. Painted bakelite case in very good condition with no cracks or damage, just some tiny areas on front where paint has chipped (visible in first picture). Chassis was rebuilt and radio plays fine. Original knobs, back and lables on bottom and inside showing tube layout and schematic.

$60.00      condition: good

Gloritone 26 Early Cathedral Radio item #1527
Thanks to a good customer this radio was identified as a Gloritone Model 26 by Apex Electric, Pool; Chicago; US Radio & Television Corp.; Marion; (US Radio&Refrigeration). Nice styling on the case but the finish looks "tired" and needs some rejuvenation. There is some separation of the case at the bottom but not broken and easily glued. Also a small sliver of veneer missing from the lower front edge (may be visible in the first picture). The front grille has a small piece missing from the lower left and another from the lower right (backing piece is intact). The grille cloth is decent. The chassis is untested and looks complete and unmolested. The label on the back reads "Screen Grid Electric receiver" and "United States Radio and Television Corp". Some of the original globe tubes are there. Good one for restoration. Please note this is fragile and requires special secure packing and boxing.

$50.00      condition: fair

Majestic Melody Cruiser Tube Radio item #1526
No long description needed for this one as the pictures say it all. Chrome on sales nice with a little tarnish in spots. Radio working fine. One of the most sought after novelty radios. Sorry no further discounts off this radio.

$450.00      condition: good

Majestic Radio item #1525
Unknown model Majestic radio. Wood case solid but needs some refinishing on top. Chassis sold as is and not tested. Field coil speaker looks intact. Decent dial.

$20.00      condition: fair

RCA 120 Cathedral item #1522
Here is a restoration project for the expert. It is a rare RCA Model 120 cathedral. The cabinet is as pictured and is loose from the base (comes right off). It will need to be reglued. Overall it is not to bad (I've seen much worse) with some veneer chipping. The miracle is that the grille cloth is in very nice condition and not torn and the two escutcheons are intact. As for the chassis, there is some rust as you can see but it wipes off. I looked at the bottom and those old electrolytics need to be replaced but everything looks original including the cardboard box that houses the bypass condensors. The station dial indicator is intact not broken and the original speaker has survived without any damage to the cone (more miracles). Obviously nothing has been tested and is being sold as not working until a full electronic restoration can be performed. I will ship this in two separate boxes inside one larger box so I can fully protect the chassis/speaker and cabinet from any more damage (shipping should be about $25-30 East of the Mississippi and more West). If you need more pictures just ask and tell me what you want to see.

$50.00      condition: fair

Masters Art Tube Telephone Radio item #1521
Interesting novelty tube radio in a telephone case by Masters Art. Cabinet is solid wood and original finish looks fine. Chassis was recapped and radio works very well. Bells on top turn for on/off/volume (right side) and tuning (left side). Can be hung on wall. Original mouthpiece on front, ear piece on side, and hand crank on other side are in nice shape.

$45.00      condition: good

Motorola 51X13 item #1520
Motorola Model 51X13 radio. Bakelite cabinet has some very nice detailing and has been hand polished. On the bottom there is a small chip missing from one of the feet that runs the length of the cabinet and I also epoxied a hairline crack along this same area. It is on the bottom and not noticeable unless you turn the radio upside down. The chassis was recapped and the radio is playing fine. Knobs, dial and back are original and in good shape. Overall a striking radio that sounds as good as it looks.

$60.00      condition: good

Westinghouse H122 item #1519
I believe this is a Westinghouse Model H122 radio. It is usually found attached to a record player (radio simply slides into the top) but can be attached to use as a stand alone radio. It has several interesting features. The chassis uses a push pull circuit with twin output tubes and they do sound surprisingly good. There is also an RCA jack on the back where the turntable normally plugs in. Just plug in your IPOD or go wireless between your smart phone, IPAD etc and the radio (I sell a complete bluetooth receiver kit for $25) and I guarantee the sound will be amazing. The radio itself needs to be recapped and the plate with the station numbers on the top of the cabinet is missing (there are many of these around and you could probably find a junker and take it off) or make one up. Otherwise no chips or cracks in bakelite and will polish up nicely. That top round piece you see in the picture is the "W" from the Westinghouse name and is actually a pilot lamp - looks great at night. If you want the Bluetooth receiver with the radio I will include it for $15 more.

$30.00      condition: fair

Isotap Isolated Auto Transformer item #1514
This is an RCA WP-25A TV Isotap shielded transformer in good used condition, It is perfect to use on current and vintage electronics. Rated at 400 V-A, with several taps for line voltages ranging from 105 to 130 volts. The output side has two sets of receptacles each for 105, 115 and 125 volts, either tapped directly from the primary, or isolated, from the secondary winding. An absolute necessity when working on live AC/DC chassis. Specifications: Output voltages between 105 - 130 VAC in 5 V steps Up to 275 Volt-Amperes with 4% regulation Magnetically shielded transformer assembly Step selector switch Auto transformer (direct) and isolated transformer windings Separate outlets for each different output voltage

$45.00      condition: fair

Zenith Transoceanic G500 item #1513
Zenith Transoceanic Model G500 chassis 5G40. This is how it appeared when taken from the original owners home. Case is dusty/dirty and needs cleaning but the fabric is not torn or ripped. Should clean up very nicely. Dial plastic shrunk from brass escutcheon and is scratched up so needs replacing (reproductions readily available). Brass needs polishing but in good shape. Original knobs and puchbuttons work fine. Wave magnet antenna intact. Telescoping whip antenna intact and not bent. Ok the best for last - I checked all the tubes including the 1L6, replaced the plug (original rubber power cord should be replaced), and the radio powered up and worked fine. I have this priced low for a working transoceanic so don't let this one get away. ON HOLD FOR CUSTOMER

$50.00      condition: fair

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