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Effective immediately please note the following. International customers are welcomed but shipping quote requests must be for a $100 minimum purchase, and the only form of payment accepted will be Western Union Money Transfer. Also, Customs Forms for your country will be filled out for the full value of the purchase with no exceptions. Thank you.

RCA 95T5 item #1588
RCA Model 95T5 radio. Wood case in decent condition but some cracking of the veneer as it rounds the corner of the cabinet (common on sets with tightly curved veneer). Original finish intact but needs some cleaning. Transformer operated chassis with 5 tubes (6A8, 6Q7, 6K7, 6K6, 5Y3) in working condition but could probably use some cleaning of the pots as they are noisy. Original knobs, pushbuttons, grille cloth and full label on bottom in nice shape. Good restoration project. Please note I have two of this exact model for sale - see item # 1575.

$50.00      condition: fair

Chassis - Emerson 301 item #1587
Chassis from an Emerson Model 301. Powered up but only got a hum so needs recapping (line cord missing plug). Worth it for tubes and original field coil speaker in decent shape.

$20.00      condition: fair

Chassis - Blaupunkt Ballett TYP 20003 item #1586
Chassis out of a Blaupunkt Ballett Type 20003. The case was badly cracked so I removed it and the speaker. The chassis looks good and I was able to power it up but only got garbled sound from a few stations on the broadcast band. I am sure the original electrolytics and various other caps need updating. These German sets are extremely well engineered and sound great once working. The knobs and pushbuttons are original and the dial looks very nice. The speaker is in good condition as well. Price is for the chassis + speaker but if you want the cabinet I will include it (just have to pay for the additional shipping).

$45.00      condition: fair

Cabinet - Philco 40-140 item #1585
Cabinet from a Philco Model 40-140. Original finish intact just needs some cleaning. Small sliver of veneer missing from bottom side in back. Loop antenna intact on inside top. Original plastic dial cover has a small crack but still useable. Escutcheon also has a tiny crack on the right side but hard to notice. Original grill cloth looks great. Bargain at $20 or let me know if you want anything off the cabinet.

$20.00      condition: fair

Songbird 4002 item #1583
This is an AirKing sold under the name Songbird. Not sure about exact model but close to a 4002. Wood case has the original finish but there are some areas where it has worn thin. Howards Restor A Finish or Old English will revitalize the finish and make it look more presentable. Chassis uses 6 tubes and although the power cord is starting to crumble I plugged it in and as I brought it up on my variac I got that familiar hum from the leaky electrolytics so a recapping is in order. Should then work fine. Chassis has a phono input on the rear easily converted to a IPOD jack. Original wood knobs, brass escutcheon, plastic dial cover, dial, and grill cloth all in very nice shape. This is not a common radio and will be a nice addition to your collection.

$50.00      condition: fair

Chassis - Delco R1125 item #1582
This is an older Delco Model R1125 transformer operated chassis out of a small wooden radio case. It uses the older tubes (80, 6A7, 75,78,41) so I would date it from the late 1930's (I was surprised to see a GT style 80 rectifier). The good news is that the radio is working but I would still recap. It has the original wood knobs correct for the set. The field coil speaker is in amazing shape and it has the mounted output transformer. Because of the scarcity of these small 5" field coil speakers in this condition I am offering it for sale by itself for $25 or included with the chassis for $40. Also I have the original wood case but it is in rough condition as something spilled on the top causing the veneer to crack and pull away from the top. However it is still fully restorable and I will include it along with the grille cloth if you want it and are willing to pay the additional shipping.

$40.00      condition: fair

Emerson 541 item #1581
Emerson Model 541. Wood case solid but finish on front worn by both knobs. Was able to power up the radio and it worked but still suggest doing a general servicing (chassis on these models slides out from bottom). Those original Emerson knobs on the front are usually missing and hard to find. They will easily clean up. Dial plastic is not cracked and will polish up. Even has the original feet on the bottom.

$35.00      condition: fair

Air King 914 item #1579
This is a large Air King Model 914 tube radio. Case is solid wood ( no veneer). Finish is mostly intact with some scuffs. I would clean the case to remove dirt and looks like small paint splatters, then use Howards and that will do a good job of restoring the finish. I replaced a few caps and the radio is playing fine on both the broadcast and shortwave bands. 6" field coil speaker in good shape and delivers a nice sound. Knobs, dial plastic and pushbuttons are original. There is a label on the bottom that shows the tuning of the pushbuttons. It is a little tattered but otherwise intact. Solid radio for the price. Dial looks especially good at night with the twin pilot bulb illumination.

$65.00      condition: fair

RCA 95T5 item #1575
RCA Model 95T5 radio. Wood case in decent condition with original finish intact on front and sides but needs some refinishing on top. Very small sliver of veneer on one was glued back in place. Transformer operated chassis with 5 tubes (6A8, 6Q7, 6K7, 6K6, 5Y3). Cord was cut but I took out the chassis and jumped in a power cord and the radio played fine with only 70 volts on the variac. Still suggest electrolytics and other caps be changed but at least the radio works. Original knobs, pushbuttons, grille cloth and full label on bottom in nice shape. Good restoration project. Please note I have two of this exact model for sale - see item #1588.

$50.00      condition: fair

Silvertone 8052 item #1573
Silvertone Model 8052 radio. Solid wood cabinet is in excellent condition with original finish. 6 tube chassis was serviced and radio is playing fine with a very nice sound quality. Original grille cloth, knobs and full back in good shape. Escutcheon also in good shape (maybe needs a bit more cleaning). This is one of the nicer Silvertone radios I have offered for sale.

$85.00      condition: excellent

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