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parts set

Weller Soldering Gun Kit item #1470
Weller Junior Model 8100K. Complete as shown in original box. Works fine. Dual illumination.

$20.00      condition: good

Cabinet - Emerson FL414 item #1466
Nicely detailed bakelite cabinet from an Emerson FL414. There was a crack along the bottom that I epoxied from the inside. You cannot see the crack unless the cabinet is turned upside down. No other major damage, just needs cleaning and polishing. Original plastic dial cover not cracked. 1942 vintage. This is the model that features a push button tone control on the front between the two knobs.

$15.00      condition: fair

Admiral 6S12N Radio Record Player item #1465
This is a 1950 Admiral radio record player Model #6S12N. It is in excellent original condition. The big brown bakelite cabinet has no chips, cracks or breaks that I can see (I have examined it three times) and still maintains a nice shine (imagine how it will look once cleaned and polished). I powered up the radio and it hums so electrolytic caps are needed. Should sound great with a 6 tube chassis. The nice thing about this radio is you can remove the cover plate from the bottom and have complete access to the chassis wiring without removing it from the cabinet. Makes servicing a breeze. Everything looks original including the knobs and the gold face and dial do not have any noticeable damage. I did not try the record changer but I assume with the proper cleaning and lubrication it will come to life. You don't see this model to often without the bakelite case cracked or chipped. This needs extra packing so expect shipping to be in the $25-35 range USA only.

$50.00      condition: fair

MP3 IPOD Player Jack Installation item #1459
Add an MP3 player or IPOD or any device with a line level output. I will install a mini jack so that when you plug in your music source the radio is automatically silenced. Please keep in mind that you will be hearing the music in mono (not stereo) but the warm sound of the tubes will more then compensate. No holes are drilled in the radio case, the plug is in the rear as pictured on this Stromberg Carlson 1101. Please ask about Bluetooth capability. Sorry this service is only done on radios I am selling or repairing.

$25.00      condition: excellent

Philco Field Coil Speaker item #1458
Philco 11" field coil speaker. I do not usually find them in such good condition. Working fine. Philco part # AU 32-9087. Will fit most Philco consoles from the late 30's. Has output transformer mounted to speaker.

$45.00      condition: excellent

Ballast Tubes item #1457
I have a limited number of NOS ballast tubes. They are $25 each while supplies last. Please ask for availability for your specific needs.

$25.00      condition: excellent

Chassis - RCA 46X-11 item #1456
Chassis from a RCA Model 46X11 (1949). 5 tubes + ballast (checks good). Powered up and got some hum and static with low DCV so should work after electrolytic replacement. Original field coil speaker in good condition.

$25.00      condition: fair

Heathkit 10-17 Tube Oscilloscope item #1454
Here is a neat piece of test equipment. It is a Heathkit Model 10-17 tube oscilloscope. I don't know much about these but it appears to be working as I can view the display. Maybe needs some calibration but who knows.

$25.00      condition: good

Chassis - Philco 39-25 item #1451
Nice original chassis from a Philco Model 39-25 from 1939. Receives broadcast and short wave bands. Looks like the electrolytics were replaced and one other resistor and the radio is playing fine. I would suggest replacing the rest of the old paper caps for even better performance. Dial is in perfect condition as is speaker wire (uses a field coil speaker but does not need output transformer as it is mounted on the chassis).

$35.00      condition: good

Parts - Zenith 6G001Y Transoceanic Companion item #1448
Parting out a Zenith Transoceanic Companion radio. All parts pictured are included. Faceplate does not have any cracks including plastic dial cover and brass will polish up nicely. Wavemagnet antenna in good shape.

$25.00      condition: parts set

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