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Effective immediately please note the following. International customers are welcomed but shipping quote requests must be for a $100 minimum purchase, and the only form of payment accepted will be Western Union Money Transfer. Also, Customs Forms for your country will be filled out for the full value of the purchase with no exceptions. Thank you.

Stromberg Carlson 1500H item #1603
Very deco looking Stromberg Carlson Model 1500H. Bakelite cabinet nice and shiny but has one hairline over the dial on the top but it has been epoxied from the inside so not a problem. Does not detract from the radio. Tag on radio said chassis was restored and the radio is playing really well. Original dial plastic in excellent condition (not easy to find this way). Nice bullet knobs, full back and label. Normally I would sell this for much more then $60 due to the small crack. I also have a Stromberg Carlson Model 1400H cabinet for sale for $25 (see item #1321). It will fit this model so if your concerned over the hairline crack then perhaps this extra cabinet may work for you too.

$65.00      condition: good

EICO 802 Signal Tracer item #1602
EICO Model 802 Signal Tracer. Very good condition and working fine. Great for radio repair. Manuals available online for free.

$25.00      condition: good

Weller Soldering Gun Kit item #1601
Weller Universal Model 8200. Works fine. Complete with solder, new tips, allen wrench to remove tighten the tips, solder brush, and plastic case. All in excellent condition.

$25.00      condition: excellent

Chassis -Radiola 76ZX11 item #1599
Chassis from an early Radiola Model 76ZX11. Looks original and complete but cord cut so untested. This is the 6 tube version and they really work well with that extra stage. By this together with the cabinet for $30.

$20.00      condition: fair

Cabinet - Radiola 76ZX11 item #1598
Cabinet from an early Radiola Model 76ZX11 but will fit most other early Radiolas with a 6 tube chassis. No cracks or chips and will polish up nicely. Complete label on bottom. By this together with the chassis for $30.

$15.00      condition: fair

Zenith Trans-Oceanic L600 item #1596
Zenith Trans Oceanic Model L600 Chassis 6L40 [black] - Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago. Case is solid but there is a hole in the back that was patched up. I think the repair can be made much better and hardly noticeable by getting some original fabric off a junker radio and patching in a small piece. Other then that everything on the radio appears in decent original shape. I extended the antenna and it is fine. The power cord extends and then retracts automatically as it should. I replaced a few electrolyics and restrung the dial and it is working fine on all bands. The log and charts on the top are intact and in good shape. The knobs, switches and pushbuttons are functional. The front plastic escutcheon and plastic dial cover are fine. Top handle is fine. These are heavy radios so expect FedEx shipping to be about $25-35 but I will give you exact shipping to your zip if you request a shipping quote. ON HOLD

$95.00      condition: fair

Westinghouse H204 item #1595
Westighouse Model H204. Factory painted cream bakelite case is dirty and needs cleaning. With some touch ups I think it will be very presentable. No cracks or chips. The radio is AM/FM and the plug is missing but I jumped it into my variac and at 70 volts I got a low level hum so capacitor replacement may be all that is necessary to get this working. Everything on the radio looks original. The large plastic escutcheon over the speaker grill cloth is not broken and gives the radio a deco or perhaps oriental look. Dial and cover in good shape just needs cleaning. Label with tube layout still intact on bottom. One very interesting and clever feature of this radio (and I wish other radios were similar) is that the back is secured by one screw on the right and then opens with a hinge on the left. I could not resist opening it and the chassis looks clean. I think this radio restored will be a nice addition to your collection.

$35.00      condition: fair

Books - A Collectors Guide to Antique Radios Vol 6 item #1592
I have a limited number of brand new copies of A Collectors Guide to Antique Radios Vol 6 edited by John Slusher of Radio Daze. If you have the earlier volumes you know what a fantastic reference guide this is to radio values and to identifying your old radios. Worth it alone for the pictures. These can be sent media mail to US only addresses. Original price was $24.95. I also have earlier volumes that are long out of print so please ask about pricing (conditions vary from very good to excellent). Special pricing on complete sets volumes 1-6 (2nd picture shows the original Bunis Volume 1 that started it all back in 1991).

$15.00      condition: excellent

Bendix 0636C item #1591
Very nice Bendix Model 0636C radio. Wooden case in very good condition with original finish with some age related wear marks (Old English or Howards will easily cover them up). 6 tube chassis was electronically restored and is playing fine. Beautiful basket weave front grill over speaker. Knobs are original and perfect. Full back and label on bottom. This was part of my collection but thinning out so here is an opportunity to get one of those seldom seen radios in great shape.

$85.00      condition: good

RCA 95T5 item #1588
RCA Model 95T5 radio. Wood case in decent condition but some cracking of the veneer as it rounds the corner of the cabinet (common on sets with tightly curved veneer). Original finish intact but needs some cleaning. Transformer operated chassis with 5 tubes (6A8, 6Q7, 6K7, 6K6, 5Y3) in working condition but could probably use some cleaning of the pots as they are noisy. Original knobs, pushbuttons, grille cloth and full label on bottom in nice shape. Good restoration project. Please note I have two of this exact model for sale - see item # 1575.

$50.00      condition: fair

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