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RCA 78 RPM Turntable item #1634
RCA turntable model unknown. Plays at 78 RPM. Has original crystal cartridge (these are usually bad). Untested but looks complete.

$15.00      condition: fair

Phono Art Tube Record Player item #1632
Phono Art tube record player. Case in condition as shown with some small tearing/fraying of the cloth cover but not bad. Record player works, can hear sound but volume low. Did not get loud hum but still suggest replacing the electrolytics. Plays 3 speeds (78, 45, and 33 1/3).

$20.00      condition: fair

1920's Temple Radio Speaker item #1631
Early 1920's Temple radio speaker. Has nice wooden base. Rest of speaker is metal. Condition of front grille is excellent. Some scratches on back. Has continuity on a voltohm meter and gets sound when a 1.5 volt battery placed across cloth lead terminals. Heavy piece but will be packed securely. See similar speaker priced at $135 in worse condition at

$90.00      condition: good

Belmont 638 item #1629
This is one of the most art deco looking radios. It is a Belmont Model 638 (aka 6D111). Before you get too excited at the price, please read this description carefully. The factory painted bakelite case is in very good condition with just a few age related specs in the paint, and needing perhaps a little more detailed cleaning and polishing. There is a tight hairline crack (or scratch?) that runs across the bottom side of the radio. Hard to see unless you know where to look. The chassis has new electrolytics and other caps and the radio is playing fine. The antenna back is missing but reproductions are available (or you can hook up any loop antenna to the two loose wires in the back). The dial is good, the plastic is not cracked. The pushbuttons are original but one is missing (reproductions are available for $5 ea). I have not tried to set the pushbuttons as most of the time the little springs that hold them erect and in place are missing. Overall still a nice example of this radio but not perfect. If you ever wanted this radio now is your chance to get it for $85 and not $200 which is what they usually go for.

$85.00      condition: good

45 RPM Rock Around the Clock Record Clock item #1627
This is the last one of these I have left. It is the original recording of Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and his Comets. I have added a quartz clock powered by a single AA battery. It hangs on the wall and the record jacket hangs in the back. If you want to play the record just snap out the 45 RPM plastic spindle adapter. What a compliment to your 45 RPM record collection or just enjoy it on the wall as a novelty.

$25.00      condition: excellent

Emerson Radio Record Player item #1625
This is a classic from the 1940's. It is an Emerson (model unknown) radio record player and is similar to the one shown in the movie Summer of 42. The wood cabinet is in very nice shape with just a few age related marks on the top. The original finish is also very nice. The front has some interesting detailing in the wood trim. I rebuilt the electronics in the radio chassis, changed the rubber on the idler wheel on the turntable, and replaced the old 78 rpm cartridge that used the removable steel needles with a vintage ceramic cartridge. You will find this plays your 78 records much safer as there is much less wear. Best of all, it sounds great whether your listening to the radio or the record player. There is a selector switch on the front left to change between radio and record that also incorporates a multi position tone switch. Original Emerson knobs and a perfect dial. This is not one of those big bulky cabinets so it will sit nicely on a small table. If you want you can change the felt on the turntable or add a mat to make it look "newer" but I left it alone. Put your 78 records on the turntable, close the cover, and go back to the good old days.

$50.00      condition: good

Zenith Carrying Cases item #1622
Never have seen these before so please bear with me while I try to describe them. There are two cases. The first has a brown leatherette cover but the actual case is made of wood. It is very light weight. The overall condition is excellent. Zenith stamped on both sides. The second is more of a conventional tube caddy size. It has a black leatherette covering over wood. Zenith stamping on both sides. Also in excellent condition. I do not know what these may have been used for but I have seen and sold many tube caddies and these don't seem like they were for that purpose. Anyway for you Zenith collectors this would be a great way to store Zenith parts, literature, etc. or just fill them with tubes. Let me know which one you want. Price for the brown one is $35, for the black one $25, or buy the pair for $50.

$35.00      condition: excellent

Sonora RDQ-222 item #1619
Very sharp art deco Sonora Model RDQ-222 radio. Just a few small chips in the factory painted cabinet but otherwise undamaged. I checked the 6 tube chassis and aside from a replacement electrolytic everything looks original. It works perfectly. Original knobs and back. Dial is especially nice. ON HOLD FOR CUSTOMER

$75.00      condition: good

Philco 11" Field Coil Speaker item #1616
Speaker from a Model 38-7 console radio. In very good condition and complete with output transformer (field coil and transformer both have continuity).

$25.00      condition: good

Chassis - Philco 38-7 item #1615
Chassis from a Philco Model 38-7 console radio (this chassis also fits the chairside model). Looks original and unrestored (and untested). Some light rust on power transformer and on top of tuning dial but will wipe off, rest of chassis decent. All switches work and the dial turns freely. Some of the station markings have faded on the outside of the plastic dial but the bands and their respective frequencies are intact. I also have the original speaker for sale separately.

$25.00      condition: fair

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