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Guild Country Belle Music Maid Telephone Radio Intercom item #1499
I bet you have not seen one of these before. It is the Country Belle telephone radio by Guild Model 665 with a twist. It is also a 4 station intercom. You can listen to music on any of the remote speakers or you can talk to someone at the other end. As with all Guild radios they are built of solid wood. There is a small crack in the wood on the very top by the switches for the 4 remote speakers but unless you look from the top you will not see it. The rest of the cabinet is fine. I have not cleaned or polished the cabinet and the pictures show it just like I got it. The radio works great so I have not done anything to the chassis (remember you pick up the ear piece and that turns on the radio - hang it up and the radio turns off). The crank on the side tunes the stations. The brass and metal pieces are all in good shape. Everything looks original to the radio including the knobs, crank, ear and mouth pieces, and 2 full labels on the back showing the chassis layout and a complete schematic. Sorry but I did not get the unit with the 4 remote speakers but you can add any small PM speaker and it will work fine.

$60.00      condition: good

Ray O Vac AC/Battery Radio item #1497
Super rare (because I have only seen 1 other in 25+ years collecting) Ray O Vac AC/battery tube radio. Cabinet has some issues - small piece missing in gray area on top by on off volume control knob, small piece missing/crack on bottom, tight crack along top front side by tuning dial. These are all minor in my opinion but need to be mentioned. I was able to power up the radio but hum from electrolytic obscurred stations from coming in (simple fix). Chassis opens on a hinge from the bottom by releasing two little spring loaded knobs.Once the cabinet is cleaned and polished up and the radio working it will be a nice displayable and collectible radio.

$45.00      condition: fair

Zenith T825 item #1495
Zenith Model T825. Cabinet missing handle and right brass escutcheon but otherwise good with no cracks. Center brass escutcheon has some tarnishing and a rough spot by the AM 150/140 frequency marking. Mostly intact label on bottom. Chassis looks complete but missing power cord. Also AM tuning condensor plates do not mesh (bent?). Not sure if it can be repaired or needs replacing. Want any parts - just let me know but everything shown is only $15 so hard to beat price.

$15.00      condition: fair

Tel A Turn Professional Chassis Holder item #1493
Take a look at this as you probably have not seen one before. It is a Tel A Turn Universal Model A chassis holder from Rogers Manufacturing Company, Lindsey Ohio. It holds a TV or radio chassis in any position. You clamp the chassis in place to each adjustable side arm and then the large wheel on the right rotates the chassis 360 degrees. It has a built in work light but that is not all. There is also a speaker and a two socket outlet box with switch and red pilot light. It is rated at 125 V 10 amps so more then enough to handle any chassis. Look at the second picture and you will see it on my bench holding a Philco chassis. Makes working on electronic equipment a dream come true. Large base with lip keeps screws and small parts from rolling off your workbench. Overall condition very good but need cleaning. Shipping will be a flat $75 to anywhere in the continental USA. Payment by bank cashiers check only. Reasonable offers also considered.

$750.00      condition: good

Webcor Turntable item #1491
Webcor Model BR1631 turntable. Plays 78, 45 and 331/3 speeds. Good condition. Turntable works but needs some adjustment in automatic mode. Works fine in manual mode. When you take off the tone arm from its rest (which is actually a light) it turns on. Cartridge is working and I was able to play a record but not sure how good the original needles are (twin needles flip over to play slow and fast speed records). Features a detachable metal base which makes a very nice self contained unit.

$45.00      condition: good

Brewster 9-1085 item #1484
Here is an unusual radio. It is a Brewster Model 9-1085 I believe. The case had a repaired crack and was then repainted but there looks like a hairline by the repair. Also a few scratches on the top. Needs some cleaning and polishing as well. I tried to power it up and was able to get a station but the voice was garbled so it needs new electrolytics (it may play very well after they are replaced). Knobs look original and original label taped to bottom. Very interesting radio to restore further.

$40.00      condition: good

Webcor Record Player and Amplifier item #1479
This is a Webcor 3 tube amplifier and record changer. It is a Model GP 1653-1. I tested the amplifier and it needs electrolytics otherwise in working condition. Record changer also works but suggest some lubrication to moving parts. Does not look like it got much use. Cartridge intact but needs needle (uses the plug in type of needle). Supplied with all cables that attach to amplifier as removed from cabinet (power cord, phono cable, record changer power cable) + original knobs, speaker, and 45 RPM adapter.

$25.00      condition: fair

Stewart Warner Campus item #1474
Stewart Warner Campus radio Model 07- 553 from 1939. Bakelite case has two cracks - one repaired on the right top side, and another on bottom left (tight). Chassis looks original but untested as cord is cut. This is a very collectible radio and can be restored to look very good despite the cracks. Original knobs and back. Worth it for the chassis alone.

$40.00      condition: fair

Chassis - Philco 630B item #1473
Chassis from a Philco Model 630B tombstone. Rough condition. All tubes missing. Can-type electrolytics also removed. Some wires cut on top and on bottom. Shadow meter intact. Power transformer does not look like it ever overheated so it may still be good. Dial not broken but lettering faded on right side. If you want parts just let me know.

$25.00      condition: parts set

Cabinet - Philco 630B Tombstone item #1472
I am selling the cabinet only from a Philco Model 630B tombstone radio. I have examined it over several days to be sure about its condition and I am still not 100% certain. At first glance I was sure it was refinished but the way in which is was done was to nice to have been done by an amateur. Now after looking it over it was either done by a professional using a 1930's hand rubbed refinishing technique, or its an original finish. The escutcheon and grill cloth are in excellent condition and I am not even sure they were ever removed. I am not guaranteeing that this is original but just making a judgement based upon my examination. In any case if I find a chassis for this radio I will immediately remove it from my For Sale list and keep it myself. I have priced it assuming its been refinished otherwise it would be $700+ for an original example of this beautiful radio. The radio actually came with the correct chassis but it is in rough shape and wires have been cut. It is for sale separately but the cabinet is the big selling feature here. The pictures do not come close to revealing its beauty.

$300.00      condition: excellent

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