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Emerson 515 item #1678
Nice looking Emerson Model 515. Bakelite case has no cracks or chips and has a nice shine. Chassis was recapped, dial cord replaced, and radio is playing fine. Original Emerson knobs, back and label showing tube locations on bottom.

$50.00      condition: excellent

Pair of Westinghouse AC/Battery Radios item #1675
For parts or repair. Condition as pictured (white one has a crack down the back). Both powered up and made noise or got a station. Both look to be in original condition. Price is for both.

$20.00      condition: fair

Packard Bell 5D4 item #1674
Small Packard Bell Model 5D4 radio. Bakelite case has a small piece missing from rear side bottom (look carefully at second picture and you will see it on the left hand bottom side). Not seen when displayed so not really an issue. A little Bondo and it can be repaired. Rest of case looks good. Radio has been recapped and is playing. This radio was sold for the California market and came with a "stationized" dial (which means that in addition to the standard AM frequencies shown on the dial, all the station call letters associated with those frequencies are also shown). There is no plastic over the dial and not sure it ever came with one. Rest of radio looks original with a nice set of bullet knobs. Full back with tube layout.

$35.00      condition: good

TraVler 55C44 Clock Radio item #1673
Here is a nice looking TraVler Model 55C44 clock radio in a blond wood cabinet. There is some slight edge wear on the cabinet but easily touched up. Radio and clock are both working fine. Looks to be all original including radio and clock knobs and a full undamaged back. You don't see many clock radios in wooden cabinets as nice as this one.

$45.00      condition: good

Philco 53-656 item #1672
Very nice AC/battery Philco Model 53-656. Striking teal color on the shiny cabinet and no cracks or chips. Radio works fine. Looks all original and clean inside (ok, maybe a little dust). Only issue is the brass on either side of the leather handle needs polishing.

$35.00      condition: excellent

RCA 6-BX-63 item #1671
RCA Model 6-BX-63 AC/battery radio. Case has no cracks or chips but some discoloration probably due to sunlight. It almost looks two tone because the entire back, underside and under handle is one color and the rest of the case a slightly different color. Interesting. Radio is in working order with original parts (dial plastic, knobs, leather handle) all in good shape. Inside looks clean with full label on back door. Picture coming.

$20.00      condition: fair

Simpson 312 VTVM item #1668
Simpson Model 312 Vacuum Tube Volt Meter. Working but needs new C cell battery to read on the ohms scale. Needs probe

$15.00      condition: fair

Heathkit IM-18 VTVM item #1667
Heathkit Model IM-18 Vacuum Tube Volt Meter. I had this one on my bench. It works ok but needs new C cell battery to use Ohms scale. Case has a little loss of finish on the side but otherwise fine. Comes with original probe.

$15.00      condition: good

Heathkit IM-13 VTVM item #1666
Nice Heathkit Model IM-13 Vacuum Tube Volt Meter. Seems to be working ok but could not get a reading on the ohms scale because the 1.5 volt battery is probably dead and needs replacing (you need to take the case off to get at the battery - takes a standard C cell). Comes complete with original probes. Good low profile design with adjustable viewing angle.

$20.00      condition: good

Sencore RC 146 Substitutor item #1665
If you work on radios you must have this on your bench. It is a Sencore Model RC 146 "Handy 75" for quick on the spot substitution of the common resistors (carbon and wire wound), capacitors and rectifiers, and electrolytics from radios you are repairing. Appears to be in decent shape with some aging to the faceplate. It is sold untested but complete with test leads and original service notes with how to use instructions.

$25.00      condition: fair

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