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Belmont 638 Early Rabbit item #1715
This one is an art deco beauty. Its a Belmont Model 638 which is the prewar version of the 6D111, also known as the "rabbit", The bakelite case displays beautifully. There was a tiny hairline crack along the bottom side that is filled in and hard to see unless you know its there. The radio was serviced and works perfectly. The original pushbuttons often missing are all there but two don't function well (if you push them in they don't pop out so better not to fool with them - 2nd and 3rd from the left). No big deal however because no one uses the pushbuttoms for station tuning. The original Belmont label is partially there on the front. The radio did not come with a back so I ordered a repro from Retrotronics and it fits and looks great (the antenna is attached inside to the back). I wish this rabbit would multiply so I would have more to sell but alas this is the only one. A similar model radio sold in 2014 at the radio attic for $375: Radiotiques price is $125.

$115.00      condition: good

Stromberg Carlsson 1101 item #1714
Very art deco Stromberg Carlson Model 1101. Bakelite case has no cracks or chips with a great shine. Just a few tiny scratches on top but still in excellent condition. Radio is working perfectly. Original knobs and back. This is the desirable model with the curved plastic covering the glass dial scale (some of the other models have the dial scale on the curved plastic cover).

$75.00      condition: excellent

Airline 04BR514 item #1713
Airline Model 04BR514 radio. Cabinet was repainted and has a small piece missing from rear bottom (can't see from the front). Cord needs replacing but I plugged in anyway and to my surprise the radio worked pretty good (minor hum in background so new electrolytics are a good bet). Missing pushbuttons (reproductions made but originals are available if you search), and stations numbers gone from original plastic dial face (someone probably sprayed an ammonia based cleaner so bye bye numbers - reproduction dials made). Despite what's wrong these are collectible radios and this one still displays nicely. The price is a fraction of a good original.

$25.00      condition: fair

Chassis - Emerson 652 item #1711
Chassis Emerson Model 652. Original unrestored condition and working, but could use new electrolytics.

$15.00      condition: fair

Westinghouse H-342P5U item #1709
Westinghouse Model H-342P5U. AC or portable. What you see is what you get. Radio missing back of cabinet. Sold untested. For parts or test your restoration skills.

$15.00      condition: fair

Leader Low Distortion Audio Generator item #1708
Leader Model LAG-126/126S low distortion audio generator. A must for the HIFI specialist. Specs and operators manual available on line (free download) at Very good condition. MSRP $595, one like it sold on eBay in 2015 for $265. Radiotiques price $75

$75.00      condition: good

Magnavox FM017 item #1705
Magnavox Model FM017 7 tube AM/FM radio. Blond wood case has some scratches/scrapes and needs some touch ups. I turned it on and it worked great for a few minutes with a nice sound and then all of a sudden volume decreased to near nothing. Not sure what the problem is (tube? cap? resistor?). Original knobs, back, label on bottom. Brass face plate has some discoloration throughout but may polish out. Solid radio for the price.

$20.00      condition: fair

Westinghouse 503 item #1704
Westinghouse Model 503 radio. Wood case needs some touch up/refinishing on top, rest of case looks decent. Tried to power it up but just got a low level hum so needs some repair work. Original knobs, dial, back, grille cloth in good shape. Has a phono input so would make a nice tube amplifier for your IPOD, MP3 etc.

$20.00      condition: fair

Hallicrafters 5R40 item #1702
This is a little different. It is a Hallicrafters Model 5R40 (Continental). It is AC or battery operated. The leatherette case is pretty nice with just a few marks that can be touched up with brown shoe polish if you prefer (they do this all the time on eBay). The brass escutcheon on the bottom has some tarnish on it but it is fairly even across the radio so I would leave it as found. The chassis is clean. The radio works but I am sure it will work even better when serviced. It is both broadcast and short wave. Looks complete with all original parts and handle on top (2 brass handle holders also somewhat tarnished but I would leave alone). The knobs on the front have a little whitish residue which comes off easily. The fabric clasp which helps to secure the back is still there which is a small miracle (actually the back stays closed anyway). Very nice radio to add to your collection.

$45.00      condition: good

Zenith R600 Transoceanic item #1700
Zenith Model R600 Transoceanic, chassis # 6R40. Cabinet in condition as shown. No major rips, tears or missing pieces. Needs the usual cleaning and polishing. Chassis looks original and in good condition but dial string is off the pulleys. Powered it up and got hum so those electrolytics need replacing. Good 50A1, 1L6 tubes. Front plastic escutcheon has a few melt marks on top left (can be seen in 1st picture). Dial, knobs, pushbuttons, log scale, wave magnet, telescoping antenna all intact and look ok. Need parts - let me know what you want (chassis, wavemagnet, antenna, etc) . These are heavy well built radios so expect shipping to be $25-30.

$50.00      condition: fair

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