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Effective immediately please note the following. International customers are welcomed but shipping quote requests must be for a $100 minimum purchase excluding shipping, and the only form of payment accepted will be Western Union Money Transfer. Also, Customs Forms for your country will be filled out for the full value of the purchase price with no exceptions. Thank you.

Chassis - Zenith G844 item #1699
This is a Zenith radio I have not seen before. I thought it was the conventional AM/FM radio from the early 50's but this one is different. When I disassembled the console and took out the radio I was pleasantly surprised to find a transformer operated chassis (no selenium rectifier like all the others) with 8 tubes. The brass escutcheon has the FM band on it and the back dial has the AM band. I wanted to see how it would look lit up so I powered up the radio and the dial is really neat. The radio also played but with distortion and hum so those old electrolytics should be changed. I noticed a few other repairs (cap, resistor) but most of the original parts are intact. The second picture shows the original Zenith PM speaker in perfect condition, and the escutcheon. If you want it all (knobs and original back included) the price is $45. Otherwise tell me what you want and I will price it accordingly.

$45.00      condition: fair

Parts - Silvertone 7048 item #1696
Following parts from Silvertone Console Model 7048: speaker backboard with grille cloth (perfect) $20, field coil speaker (perfect) $25, knob set $10, antenna from cabinet $15.

$25.00      condition: good

Chassis - Silvertone 7048 item #1695
Chassis out of a Silvertone Model 7048 console radio. The cord is cut so untested but appears complete and original. The cabinet that this radio came in was immaculate and apparently stored properly so I think that is relected in the chassis condition. I also have the following from the cabinet: the wooden antenna, the speaker backboard - grille cloth is perfect, the field coil speaker also in perfect condition, and the knobs. Please see item # for pictures and pricing. Chassis is $35 with speaker $50.

$35.00      condition: fair

Chassis - Zenith 6G501M item #1693
Original chassis from a Zenith 6G501M Universal 3 way portable. Cord cut so untested but looks complete and unmolested. I also have the original speaker in good condition. Price is for chassis + speaker. Z knobs (2 for $5) and removable wavemagnet antenna ($10) available separately or buy everything for $35.

$25.00      condition: fair

Philco 48-641 item #1691
Philco Model 48-641 from 1948. Wood case solid but loosing the finish in places (mostly on top). Good candidate for restoration (I would sand down and reapply a brown lacquer). Radio powered up and is working fine. Original knobs, grille cloth and back all in nice condition. Two tone printed glass dial one of the best I have seen (no flaking). Popular Philco model.

$45.00      condition: fair

Unknown Wooden Radio item #1690
Not sure who made this one. The wood case is in very good condition but may have been stripped of the old lacquer finish. You can always reapply the finish, but still presentable as is. Radio itself is working well. I peeked inside and it is a transformer operated chassis. Dial is fine and says "Made in America" but no other hints as to maker. I can't vouch for originality of the knobs. Grille cloth is good. Back is intact. You can't go wrong for the price.

$35.00      condition: good

Hoffman A300 item #1689
This is a Hoffman Model A300. Blond wood case has some nice styling. Original finish mostly intact but some areas on case that have scratches and scuffs. Needs cleaning and polishing and should then look decent (most of the scratches and scuffs will be less noticeable or disappear entirely). Radio powered up and works fine. Transformer powered 6 tube chassis. Full readable schematic on bottom. Original Hoffman knobs. Glass dial had white lettering on top of glass and dark green lettering on underside. Interesting effect but some of the white lettering is worn off. The Hoffman Radio Corp was based in Los Angeles CA and I don't come across to many of their radios here on the East Coast.

$40.00      condition: fair

Emerson 653 item #1686
This is the cleanest and sharpest Emerson Model 653 I have ever offered for sale. The ivory Plaskon case is in excellent condition with no damage. Chassis has new electrolytics and one other cap and is playing perfectly. Original line cord, knobs, and back all in excellent condition. Label on bottom shows partial model number.

$50.00      condition: excellent

Atwater Kent 145 Tombstone item #1684
Please read the description carefully as this is a very collectible radio but it does have some issues. This is an early Atwater Kent Model 145 tombstone from 1934. The wood case looks to be all original and mostly intact. However there are some veneer issues. On one side there appears to be a split that needs gluing. On the top the veneer needs gluing down and there are several areas with small cracking and one small piece missing. Also some nut painted without protecting the radio and the top has a couple of white paint drops. On the rest of the cabinet there are a few tiny pieces of veneer missing. The better news is that all the wood fluting is nice and the original finish is mostly intact. On the front there is a channel where there is a slim piece of decorative wood on either side and on the right bottom a small piece is missing. The chassis looks intact and I plugged it in. I brought it up on my variac and there was a background hum (needs electrolytics of course) but I was able to get static at full volume but no stations. The antenna wire out the back is frayed so perhaps that is one of the reception problems. Also I have not pulled any tubes and they need to be checked. The good news is that it is drawing less than 1 amp at full voltage so no major shorts. I was able to change bands using the knob on the front and it is neat because there are 3 separate pilot lamps that light the dial depending on what band you select. The volume control works and the tone control works. The dial itself looks ok but the glass dial cover is missing. The original AK knobs are all there. The speaker grille cloth is not torn and in very acceptable condition. The speaker itself looks good. The brass tube shields are in place.

$75.00      condition: fair

Books - Philco Radio by Ron Ramirez item #1681
Published 23 years ago at $29.95 and now hard to find at double the price. This collection of Philco radios spans 1928-1942 and is a great reference guide. I have two copies and both are in excellent condition. Price includes shipping by USPS Media Mail to lower US 48 only.

$25.00      condition: excellent

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