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Effective immediately please note the following. International customers are welcomed but shipping quote requests must be for a $100 minimum purchase excluding shipping, and the only form of payment accepted will be Western Union Money Transfer. Also, Customs Forms for your country will be filled out for the full value of the purchase price with no exceptions. Thank you.

Pair of Westinghouse AC/Battery Radios item #1675
For parts or repair. Condition as pictured (white one has a crack down the back). Both powered up and made noise or got a station. Both look to be in original condition. Price is for both.

$20.00      condition: fair

TraVler 55C44 Clock Radio item #1673
Here is a nice looking TraVler Model 55C44 clock radio in a blond wood cabinet. There is some slight edge wear on the cabinet but easily touched up. Radio and clock are both working fine. Looks to be all original including radio and clock knobs and a full undamaged back. You don't see many clock radios in wooden cabinets as nice as this one.

$45.00      condition: good

Philco 53-656 item #1672
Very nice AC/battery Philco Model 53-656. Striking teal color on the shiny cabinet and no cracks or chips. Radio works fine. Looks all original and clean inside (ok, maybe a little dust). Only issue is the brass on either side of the leather handle needs polishing.

$35.00      condition: excellent

RCA 6-BX-63 item #1671
RCA Model 6-BX-63 AC/battery radio. Case has no cracks or chips but some discoloration probably due to sunlight. It almost looks two tone because the entire back, underside and under handle is one color and the rest of the case a slightly different color. Interesting. Radio is in working order with original parts (dial plastic, knobs, leather handle) all in good shape. Inside looks clean with full label on back door.

$20.00      condition: fair

Simpson 312 VTVM item #1668
Simpson Model 312 Vacuum Tube Volt Meter. Working but needs new C cell battery to read on the ohms scale. Needs probe

$15.00      condition: fair

Heathkit IM-18 VTVM item #1667
Heathkit Model IM-18 Vacuum Tube Volt Meter. I had this one on my bench. It works ok. Case has a little loss of finish on the side but otherwise fine. Comes with original probe.

$15.00      condition: good

Heathkit IM-13 VTVM item #1666
Nice Heathkit Model IM-13 Vacuum Tube Volt Meter. Seems to be working ok. Comes complete with original probes. Good low profile design with adjustable viewing angle.

$20.00      condition: good

Zenith G503 "Universal" (1950) item #1663
One of the early Zenith radios that preceeded the Transoceanics. The case needs cleaning and polishing (any scuff marks will disappear with black shoe polish). The radio powered up with a loud hum but I was able to tune in a station so change those electrolytics and you will be back in business. When you open the front the tuning dial pops up and that turns the radio on, and off when you lower the tuning dial (radio shown in raised "on" position). The plastic dial cover has some small stress marks where it contacts the knobs when it is closed. That was a design flaw in these radios so be careful when you close the tuning dial cover. Everything looks original and intact. Very collectible radio.

$50.00      condition: fair

Collectible Radio Book Collection item #1662
Here is a rare opportunity to get 5 of the most sought after and long out of print radio books at one incredible price. Look these up on Amazon and you will see they sell together for $300+ and probably not even in this condition. The 5 hard copy books are in excellent condition with their dust jackets. The incredibly stunning photography will blow you away and wait until you see the radios. Sold as a collection only. Shipping by USPS Media Mail included in price (sorry lower US 48 only)

$100.00      condition: excellent

Emerson 915 item #1661
Nice small Emerson Model 915. White case in good condition with just 2 small areas with some surface wear on the top rear and a tight hairline on one side. Radio has new electrolytics and plays fine. Original knobs, back, and label on bottom.

$30.00      condition: good

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