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Effective immediately please note the following. International customers are welcomed but shipping quote requests must be for a $100 minimum purchase, and the only form of payment accepted will be Western Union Money Transfer. Also, Customs Forms for your country will be filled out for the full value of the purchase with no exceptions. Thank you.

Sonora RDAU-209 item #1613
Sharp looking Sonora Model RDAU 209. The wood cabinet is solid with a very tiny piece of missing veneer on the bottom side (you probably would miss it if I did not point it out). The original finish is intact and in very good condition. There are a few tiny paint spots on the front but again not a big deal. The 6 tube chassis was serviced and the electrolytics and one other cap replaced. The radio plays just fine and that extra tube stage brings in a lot of stations. Original knobs, glass dial, full back and label on bottom in great shape. I think the design of this case with the curves and inlay equals or surpasses those expensive Ingraham cases found on the old Emerson radios.

$85.00      condition: good

RCA 15X item #1609
RCA Model 15X radio. Bakelite case shines and does not have any flaws. Chassis was serviced and radio plays fine. This set uses 6 tubes and the extra stage really improves reception. Original knobs, dial, back and label on bottom all in great shape. One extra feature for you music lovers is that this radio comes with an RCA phono jack to hook up a record player or better yet, an IPOD or MP3 player. I sell a special cable with a 3.5 mm stereo plug that safely converts stereo to mono and allows you to connect your external devise to a RCA mono input. If you really want to go the extra step I also sell a Bluetooth receiver so you can go completely wireless from this radio to any external device with Bluetooth capability (IPHONE, IPAD, etc.). Buy the complete package for $100 (radio, custom cable, Bluetooth receiver kit)

$75.00      condition: excellent

Fisher XP-44B Speakers item #1607
Fisher XP-44B speakers in original box (aka Little Giant, circa 1968). Looks like these came out of a time capsule and are in new (mint) condition and apparently never used. Complete with all original paperwork and unused speaker hook up cables. Original price was $44.50 each (Fisher speakers were priced individually but sold in pairs). Very vintage and according to the reviews, very impressive sound. Pictures only show one speaker as I did not unwrap the second.

$100.00      condition: excellent

EICO HFT-90 item #1606
This is an EICO Model HFT-90 FM mono tuner. It appears to be in very good condition and the brass front is very nice. I examined the chassis and it has all but one original EICO tubes. I powered it up and the blue exclamation point tuning tube lights up just fine (great retro look). I did not try to hook it up to an amp. The only issue I could see was the pot metal band on the counterweight of the tuning mechanism has some cracks in it (like almost all old pot metal). This does not effect the performance of the tuning mechanism (that works fine). If this was my set I would use a small brush and spread a thin band of epoxy over the top of the pot metal and that will stabilize the cracking. Has complete set of labels on bottom with tube compliment and input output locations.

$50.00      condition: good

Zenith 6G501M item #1605
Zenith Model 6G501M Universal Portable (AC or battery) radio from 1941. This radio is historically significant as the forerunner of the Transoceanic series. It is a broadcast only receiver. The airplane cloth exterior which is often found in ripped or rough condition is really in nice shape. Everything looks original (except for the leather handle which was replaced) and in excellent condition including the removable Wavemagnet antenna. I tried to power it up but only got a hum so you know what that means (replace electrolytics of course). The insides are remarkably clean as pictured. If you collect historically important radios or just want an excellent example of this popular Zenith portable consider this one for sure.

$85.00      condition: good

Telechron 8H59 item #1604
Very nicely styled Telechron Model 8H59 clock radio. Factory painted bakelite case in excellent condition with just a very few marks where the paint has worn through. Its tough to find these in better cosmetic condition then this one. Everything seems to be working fine including the clock and radio. I have not taken it apart but you can see into the back and there are replacement electrolytics visible (and what appears to be a very shinny copper chassis). Original radio and clock knobs, back and full label on bottom all in great shape. I may keep this so buy it before I change my mind.

$65.00      condition: excellent

Stromberg Carlson 1500H item #1603
Very deco looking Stromberg Carlson Model 1500H. Bakelite cabinet nice and shiny but has one hairline over the dial on the top but it has been epoxied from the inside so not a problem. Does not detract from the radio. Tag on radio said chassis was restored and the radio is playing really well. Original dial plastic in excellent condition (not easy to find this way). Nice bullet knobs, full back and label. Normally I would sell this for much more then $60 due to the small crack. I also have a Stromberg Carlson Model 1400H cabinet for sale for $25 (see item #1321). It will fit this model so if your concerned over the hairline crack then perhaps this extra cabinet may work for you too.

$65.00      condition: good

Weller Soldering Gun Kit item #1601
Weller Universal Model 8200. Works fine. Complete with solder, new tips, allen wrench to remove tighten the tips, solder brush, and plastic case. All in excellent condition.

$25.00      condition: excellent

Chassis - Radiola 76ZX11 item #1599
Chassis from an early Radiola Model 76ZX11. Looks original and complete but cord cut so untested. This is the 6 tube version and they really work well with that extra stage.

$20.00      condition: fair

Westinghouse H204 item #1595
Westighouse Model H204. Factory painted cream bakelite case is dirty and needs cleaning. With some touch ups I think it will be very presentable. No cracks or chips. The radio is AM/FM and the plug is missing but I jumped it into my variac and at 70 volts I got a low level hum so capacitor replacement may be all that is necessary to get this working. Everything on the radio looks original. The large plastic escutcheon over the speaker grill cloth is not broken and gives the radio a deco or perhaps oriental look. Dial and cover in good shape just needs cleaning. Label with tube layout still intact on bottom. One very interesting and clever feature of this radio (and I wish other radios were similar) is that the back is secured by one screw on the right and then opens with a hinge on the left. I could not resist opening it and the chassis looks clean. I think this radio restored will be a nice addition to your collection.

$25.00      condition: fair

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