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Sparton Bluebird Cobalt Mirror Glass item #1353
I have 3 original 1930's vinatge pieces of cobalt glass similar to the glass on the Sparton Bluebird radio (exact match). This makes a perfect base to display your Bluebird radio (see second picture) and was offerred as an option if you purchased the radio. Diameter is 10 1/2 inches. Pictured is the best piece (I have 3). Other 2 have some chipping. Original cobalt glass is extremely hard to find. Price is per piece. Includes shipping.

$50.00      condition: fair

GE GD-60 item #1347
Unusual looking GE Model GD-60 radio. The wood case is in very nice condition but there is some separation on the bottom where the case is put together. Some glue will fix that problem. The chassis uses 6 tubes (5 + ballast) and powered up but the old electrolyitcs are causing hum so they need to be changed (I was able to tune in a weak garbled sounding station). Power cord was changed sometime in the past. The station frequencies on the original dial (right side) have faded and a few are penciled in. The volume control (left side) still has its original markings. Push buttons are fine. Complete label showing tube layout still intact on bottom. Speaker grille cloth not damaged. Interesting radio to display.

$40.00      condition: good

Great Collection of Radio Books item #1345
Outstanding collection of out of print radio collector books. Included are two hard cover books (Bakelite Radios and Radios Redox). The rest are soft cover. All are in very good to excellent condition. The Sideli catalin radio book is worth $75 itself (and a lot more on the Internet from individual book sellers) . Try to find and buy these separately and you will spend a lot more then I am asking. For a limited time I will offer free shipping only if you buy the collection (US lower 48 only). Individual books for sale at $15-25 each except Sideli ($75).

$200.00      condition: good

Field Coil Speaker for GE G75 item #1342
Speaker from a GE G75 console. Good condition and cone moves freely. See item # 1341 for the chassis and special price to buy them both.

$20.00      condition: good

Chassis - GE G75 item #1341
This is a chassis from a GE Model G75 console radio. It has 7 tubes including the 6E5 tuning eye tube and receives the broadcast + short wave bands. It also has push buttons to set favorite stations. It is sold untested as I am sure the old electrolytics need replacing and there are some wires where the insulation is crumbling so expect to do some restoration to the chassis before powering it up (also needs to have the dial string restrung but the dial indicator is intact and the tuning condensor moves freely). The original speaker is in good condition with no tears to the cone. The chassis is priced at $30 and the speaker is priced at $20 (see item # 1342) but you can buy them both for $45.

$30.00      condition: fair

Stromberg-Carlson 1400H item #1340
Very deco looking Stromberg Carlson Model 1400H. Bakelite cabinet has some nice detailing to it and just needs some cleaning and polishing (no cracks, no chips, no scratches). Radio is in excellent working condition and picks up stations loud and clear up and down the dial. Only thing I can find wrong is that the dial plastic has lost some of its numbers. Original knobs and back. Great radio for the price.

$35.00      condition: good

Chassis - Stewart Warner 950 item #1339
Selling parts from a Stewart Warner 950 series radio. Let me know what you need. Update - front plate with escutcheon, dial, pilot lamp, tuning condensor with top cover sold.

$1.00      condition: fair

Porto Baradio Shot Glasses item #1338
Set of 4 matched original shot glasses for the Stewart Warner Porto Baradio. Add $4 for shipping.

$25.00      condition: excellent

Weller Soldering Guns item #1334
Have several Weller soldering guns. All work. Some may have cases with hairline cracks/repairs but do not effect operating or safety condition. Here are models and prices: Weller Jr 8100 100 watt $10 each, Weller 8200/8200N single or dual heat 100/140 watt $15 each, Weller 8250A 250 watt $20 (only have one and this is for larger soldering jobs like grounding wires to chassis etc), All have single or dual pilot lamps for illumination. Soldering tips are intact on all guns but conditions vary (some may just need to be wire brushed, others fine the way they are).

$10.00      condition: good

Zenith 49-1042 Horn Tweeters item #1333
Pair of vintage Zenith Model 49-1042 tweeters horns taken from a 1960s console. They measure 3" by 7" and made by Heppner & Oxford. Both have been tested & work/sound fine.

$25.00      condition: excellent

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