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What Is Request Quote?

For those who have inquired about the Request Quote feature, here is the policy of our shipping rates:

Shipping charges are determined after each radio has been packed and weighed, and are based on your city or postal code. Therefore, Radiotiques requires that you submit this information in advance through the Request Quote feature of For Sale. You will receive a rapid response with the total including shipping for the item(s) selected to your exact location. This ensures that you will only be charged what is necessary based on your shipping address.

You have requested to receive a shipping quote/payment information for the following item(s):

You can add additional items at any time by clicking on the Request Quote button next to the appropriate item.
If you do not wish to add any additional items, please fill out the required information below:

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Radiotiques accepts PayPal, check or money order.

Please note that you are under no obligation to purchase any items you request a quote for.
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