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IPOD Jack and Bluetooth Receiver for Vintage Radios

How would you like to listen to your favorite music from your MP3 player, IPOD, IPAD or home computer on your vintage tube radio. I can install a 3.5 mm stereo jack that allows you to directly connect these devices safely to your radio and take advantage of the great warmth of tube sound. I can also add a Bluetooth receiver to this jack so you can go wireless from your Smartphone or any device with Bluetooth capability.

Prices for the jack installation range from $15 if I am already servicing your radio to $25 if your sending the radio just for the installation. The Bluetooth receiver kit comes with instructions and cables to connect to the jack installed on your radio and a wall USB power adapter to charge the receivers battery (battery life is several days before needing recharging). Price is $25 complete.

Many antique radios also have a Phono jack that lets you connect a record player. I can provide a cable with an RCA plug on one end and a 3.5 mm stereo jack on the other end. This cable has built in resistors that allows safe conversion of your devices stereo signal into a mono signal . The cable is $10. You can also add the Bluetooth capability by buying the receiver kit above.

To request this service, click on the Contact tab above, select "iPod / Bluetooth", and fill in the required information.

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