Tube Transistor
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Garfield with Odie Charm

Americas favorite cat. 1978 United Features Syndicate Inc. Distributed by Durham Industries Inc. Made in Hong Kong.


Japanese designed radio resting on its original golf tee. Distributed by Ross Electronics Corp. as Model PAR-72.

Grand Old Parr

Flask shaped bottle containing Deluxe Scotch Whiskey. Controls are via the top cap

Grand Old Parr

De Luxe Scotch Whiskey. The controls are via the cap. Japan.

Green Giant Niblets Corn

Product shaped radio.

Guldens Mustard

Excellent rendering complete with metal cap. This is the 24oz size. Made in Hong Kong.

Hamburger Helper

This is the "Helping Hand" and is a trade mark for General Mills Uses the red nose as the volume control. Made in Hong Kong.


Another "generic" unit from Amico, Windsor, and even through Sears. Made in Hong Kong.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Life sized unit that is somewhat rare. Volume control is via the top section, and tuning is done by a moveable base plate. Made in Hong Kong.

Hershey's Syrup

Also marked "Genuine Chocolate Flavor". No other markings. Made in Hong Kong.

Hip Flask

High quality flask in metal with leatherette covering. Early radio with CD markings on the dial. Distributed by Tradescope who has a patent pending on the radio. Made in Japan.

Hot Dog

With mustard. The box says "hot and spicy sound". Distributed by Amico. Made in Hong Kong.

Knight Helmet

This unit has a few variations. Pewter plated metal on plastic base. Japan.

Lipton Cup-A-Soup

Older unit containing "Chicken Noodle Soup". Label also states "Instant - Just Add Water". Made in Taiwan.


San Giorgio's Elbow Macaroni in a box-style radio. PRI radio made in Hong Kong.

Malibu AM/FM

Marked "Caribbean Rum Top Grain Neutral Spirits". Distributed by Diamond Promotion Group. Made in China.

Miracle Whip

Also marked "The Bread Spread" and is a product of Kraft Foods. The radio controls are via thumb wheels in the sides. Made in Hong Kong.

Napoleon Cognac

Early Japanese radio tha uses the cap for controls.


Tropicana Pure Premium. AM/FM radio that uses the drinking straw as an antenna. Made in China.

Oreo Cookie

Looks like someone has already taken a bite. Distributed by Amico. Made in Hong Kong.

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