Tube Transistor
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Avon Skin So Soft (1990)

This advertising radio is actual size. AM/FM radio distributed by Avon Products Inc.

Ballentines Scotch

Scotch whisky bottle. Split cap for controls. Manufactured by Caltrade Manufacturing. Made in Hong Kong.

Blabber Mouse

Second unit in the blabber series. Comes complete with his slice of cheese. 1985 Nasta Industries Inc. Distributed through their Powertronic Division. Made in Hong Kong.


Japanese six transistor radio built in the bottom of a bottle that actually holds liquid. The leather case has a crest in the front. Distributed by Four-Star.

Budweiser Beer Bottle

"King of Beers". Made in Hong Kong.

Caltrade Mfg Co Champagne radio

Moet & Chandon champagne radio by Caltrade Mfg Co. Very rare version. Label says Brut Imperial Moet & Chandon Champagne, Epernay France. Thumbwheel controls on back. Made in Hong Kong.

Campbell's Tomato Soup

This uses the short can mold that is also used fro motor oils etc. Somewhat rare.

Camus Grand V.S.O.P.

Also marked LeGrande Marque Cognac. The controls are via the "seals" on the front of the bottle. Made in Hong kong.

Champion Spark Plugs

Box radio. Made in Hong Kong.

Champion sparkplug radio

Radio in shape of a Champion spark plug. AM/FM, AC powered.

Coffee Cup

Brown version of a coffee cub. Made in Hong Kong with British registration number.

Coke Bottle

Actual sized coke bottle. Volume control is via the top section, and tuning is done by a moveable base plate. Made in Hong Kong.


AM/FM radio in Corvette car.

Cracker Jack

Cracker Jack box radio. Made in Hong Kong.


Cynar Liquore Aperitivo. A liquor sold in Italy. Rare in the US. Has recipes on the rear label and number P060 on bottom. No other markings.

Delco Freedom Battery

Car battery, New style with terminals out the side. Terminals are used for the controls. Made in Hong Kong.

Dutch Boy

Paint can radio.

Fleischmann's Gin

Unusual radio as it uses clear plastic and the actual radio in visible. Distributed by Prestige

Folgers Coffee

Early AM version. Also contains their slogan of "Mountain Grown" with the letters forming the mountain. Made in Hong Kong.

French Fries

This AM version features the famous McDonald's Arches on front. Made in Hong Kong.

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