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parts set

Downsizing Collection

In addition to radios listed on my For Sale pages, radios in my collection are also available for sale. However, they will be sold by offer only. Due to the rarity of certain radios, restrictions apply.

Chassis - Philco 38-4 item #1835
This is a very nice chassis from a Philco 38-4 console. The cord was cut but since everything looked original and intact I jumped in a power cord and slowly brought it up to full voltage on my variac. It was drawing the correct amperage, B+ voltages were within range, and I got some sound from the speaker. Should therefore be a straightforward restoration. Uses dual 6F6 output tubes. The dial is one of the best I have seen. I also have the original speaker with a repaired small tear. Price for the chassis is $55, price for the speaker is $25, together $75. Also would be willing to part out. Those transformers with the rectifier tube on top will cost you as much as I am asking for the chassis. Expect shipping to be in the $30-35 range due to the weight. If you live east of the Mississippi, I'll sell you the chassis + speaker for $100 with shipping,


Philco 48-360 item #1832
Very nicely designed Philco 48-360. This is the roll top shown in the open position. The wood slats move down covering the dial and knobs in the closed position. The wood cabinet is clean just a few age related scuffs and the fabric in very good condition. If you wipe it down with Howards Restore A Finish it will look great. The chassis looks clean and untouched (the power cord needs replacing so I have not powered it up but it is probably 100% original inside). The leather top handle is gone but exact replacements are available. The brass end caps are held on by screws so repair is easy since you will have the chassis out for repair anyway. A great looker and performer once restored.

$45.00      condition: fair

NordMende Sterling German Radio item #1831
NordMende Sterling tube radio from Bremen Germany. Also marked Norma Luxus USA on back. Great condition and comes with its original cloth dust cover with the NordMende name on it. Plays so well I never opened it up. AM, FM and SW bands. Provision for external FM dipole and AM antennas. External speaker jack as well. A real beauty.

$125.00      condition: excellent

Garrard AT60 Turntable item #1830
Vintage Garrard AT60 automatic turntable. Working. Can be used in both automatic and manual mode. 4 speeds. With Shure M81 stereo cartridge and good 75C needle. Very nice all around condition including original walnut wood base. Just needs some polishing of the stainless steel ring on the turntable mat. These are sought after vintage turntables made in Great Britain. Can't beat my price. One of the best features of this series (AT6, AT60, M40 etc) is their small compact size but with all the high end features you would expect from Garrard. Comes with copy of original instruction manual and stereo cables.

$75.00      condition: good

Garrard 40 MkII Turntable item #1828
Very nice and clean 40 MkII turntable. Working condition. Only missing head stage. Copy of instruction manual included.

$35.00      condition: good

Garrard AT60 Turntable item #1827
For parts or restoration. Working condition but sold as is. Please look at picture to see what is included or missing. Copy of instruction manual included.

$20.00      condition: fair

50% Off Shipping item #1826
July special: take advantage of 50% off Fedex shipping rates. Applies to purchases of $50 or more.


RCA Record Changer and Tube Amplifier item #1825
This is an RCA Model 9-ES-6H record player taken from a small console. It consists of a multi speed record changer (RP-205-B, 24 page service manual included) in good condition with just a little surface cleaning needed, and a 3 tube amplifier (chassis RS-157-B, schematic included). The turntable is working as is the original cartridge (it is a high output ceramic which do not usually go bad like the crystal cartridges). The flip over needle looks good too. The changer plays all speed records (16, 33 1/3, 45, 78) manually or automatically (could use some lubrication of the working parts). It comes with the 45 adapter. The amplifier has a loud hum and should work fine after recapping. The two cables off the bottom of the changer plug into the amplifier and the on/off switch for the changer also turns the amp on and off. Build or buy a base for the changer, mount the amp, add some speakers and you will have a nice set up to play your vintage records.

$45.00      condition: fair

Emerson 864 Vintage Multispeed Record Player item #1822
Beautiful original condition on this Emerson Model 864 record player. Of course Emerson did not make the record changer itself. It is a Voice of Music 1200 series turntable. That makes repairs a snap because of the wealth of information on these record changers, and I am including a copy of the 16 page SAMS Photofact as well. The one I am selling is in working condition. It features 4 speeds (16, 33 1/3, 45, and 78) and can be used as an automatic or manual changer. I cleaned the original flip over needles and was able to play several records. The automatic operation was fine on the 78 speed, but was sluggish on the 45 and 33 1/3 speeds. That means a good cleaning and lubrication of the mechanism is needed. I would probably change the needles as well. The mono flip over cartridge is original but not difficult to replace with a stereo cartridge and rewire but I think leaving it as found and being able to play those old 78's is really fun. The cream colored metal base with black and red is eye candy and screams retro vintage. On the bottom is the full original Emerson label with model number.

$75.00      condition: good

1950's Guided Missle Electronics item #1820
For the collector I have two mint variable resistors from the Belock Instrument Corp, LI NY. Here is a link to the companies founder: These are curiosities only and neat items from the 1956 missle era. Both are mint in their original sealed boxes but out of curiosity I opened one to see just what was in there. Just pay for shipping.

$1.00      condition: excellent

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