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Downsizing Collection

After many years of collecting radios I have finally run out of room, and that dreaded word "downsizing" has reared its ugly head. Not all my hundreds of prized possessions are for sale, but if you see something you must have please email for a complete description. Then you can decide what you want to pay for it. I will accept offers only. Please do not ask me what I want for it, it is up to you to make an offer. Shipping will be added to the total unless your offer is to good to be true, and in that case shipping is negotiable. Just click on the rectangular button called Collection and make up your wish list. Please remember that my usual For Sale list with descriptions and prices is still functional. Thanks for helping me make my wife happy.

Cabinet and Plinth for a Garrard 301 Transcription Turntable item #1794
Nice solid walnut cabinet and plinth for a Garrard 301 transcription turntable. Plenty of room for a transcription length 16' tone arm as well. Looks to be professionally built with a fully sprung suspension. Wood needs cleaning and polishing. Dimensions 24.5" x 19.5" x 10". Brass piano hinge along back.

$200.00      condition: fair

Crosley 5M3 Fiver Junior item #1793
Crosley Model 5M3 Fiver Junior tombstone. Nice art deco look to it from the front. Cabinet in decent shape with original finish. Wood grill intact but small tear in grill cloth upper left hand side. Tried to power it up but did not get anything. I noticed an old 280 globe rectifier tube and it was borderline weak when tested. I put in a good 80 and was able to power it up and get some background noise out of the speaker. That's a good sign and I bet new electrolytics will get it up and running probably even with the 280 globe tube. Everything looks original to the radio although I did not take it apart. My favorite of the Crosley line as it has the green dial which looks great when back lit.

$65.00      condition: fair

RCA 45J Record Changer item #1791
From 1950, an RCA Model 45J record changer. Plays 45 RPM records, single or stacked. A little sluggish when first turned on but give it a minute and then works fine. Sound is ok but maybe a new needle is in order? RCA RP 168 changer. This is a solid piece with some weight to it and no damage to the bakelite case. Knob on side is on/off and push button in front is for reject function.

$25.00      condition: good

IPOD Cable for Tube Radios with Phono Input item #1790
This is an adapter cable for radios with an RCA phono input that can be used with an IPOD, MP3, IPAD, Smartphone device so you can hear music on your AM radio. The cable is custom made with an RCA phono jack on one end and a 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) stereo jack on the other end. Inside the RCA plug are two resistors to provide a stereo to mono conversion with the appropriate load on your device. You cannot simply use a Y adapter because it will directly short the left and right stereo channels which will blow the output stage on your device. Price is for one cable. Please add $3.50 for first class postage. Also available is a Bluetooth receiver that will accept this cable and then you can have a wireless connection between your IPAD, Smartphone etc and your tube radio. The receiver is $15 additional and comes with a USB charging cable for the internal battery which provides many hours of listening on one charge. First class postage still $3.50 for both.

$15.00      condition: excellent

1L6 Tubes for Zenith Transoceanics item #1789
While they last. Used but test at 70% or better (good scale 55-100%) . Add $3 USPS First Class postage (for up to 3 tubes). SORRY SOLD OUT

$20.00      condition: good

Heathkit CT-1 Capacitor Checker item #1784
Nice condition Heathkit Model CT-1 capacitor checker. Eye tube shows condition of capacitor depending on how switch is set (tests for open or short). Works fine (eye tube is bright). Can be used to check paper caps in the circuit (with power off of course). Can also be used on electrolytic caps but only to test if they are open (will not work to test if they are shorted). Comes with instruction sheet and copy of full assembly manual. These go for $50+ on eBay.

$25.00      condition: good

Crystal Radio Kit? item #1782
Not sure what all these parts are for but I am guessing a crystal radio kit because there is a package containing a steel Galena crystal with fine cat whiskers and another package labeled Philmore Unmounted Crystal Detector. An original order form that may give a hint what all this means is included. Also has a package with assorted assembly parts and 4 coils, 2 blanks, and two with windings. Came from a radio collectors estate. If your interested in the short wave converter (item # 1781) you can have this for $5 more so $25 for both.

$10.00      condition: fair

One Tube Short Wave Converter? item #1781
I am guessing that this is a homemade short wave converter. It is from a large estate of vintage radios and ham gear. It is a one tube circuit (3Q5 beam power output) with two battery plugs for A+,A-, B+, B-. and antenna and ground terminals. There is another set of clips on back that get B+ from the battery cable and connect to something external that apparently returns the B+ back to the coil. It also comes with the following plug in coils marked as follows: MRL Hi-Q Inductance 5-A 20, 40, 80 and 160 meters (4 coils), and MRL Hi-Q Inductance Type A Broadcast, LF Broadcast, HF Broadcast (3 coils). The 20 M is in the set. There are 4 controls: on left one variable cap with a pattern on the front for tuning, a large vernier from 0-100 with a fine tuning knob, on top right another variable coil (has a cloth covered wire that kinda looks like a spring that gets tighter or looser as you turn the knob, and bottom right on/off and volume? A neat novelty item or get it working if you can. I bet the coils are worth something.

$20.00      condition: fair

1920's Horn Speaker Base and Driver item #1780
Not sure who the maker is but this is a 1920's horn speaker base and driver. Missing the large horn attachment. Driver tests good.

$50.00      condition: fair

Chassis - Unknown Olympic item #1779
This may be an Olympic chassis from a radio record player combination. It has the same tube compliment and layout as a Model 501 but I cannot find that model listed with a record player. The chassis is in good condition with all original parts and features a separate tone control on the left. There is also a switch on the end of a shielded cable that selects radio or phono. The power cord is cut but I jumped one in and I got the radio to play but with hum from the electrolytics so they need replacing at a minimum. Field coil speaker in perfect condition. Nice chassis with RCA phono input so easy to plug in your IPOD or MP3 player.

$25.00      condition: fair

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