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Downsizing Collection

In addition to radios listed on my For Sale pages, some radios in my collection may also be available for sale. If interested in a specific radio please ask for more details to help you come up with a price. Offers only please.

1924 Crosley Trirdyn with Tube Amplifier Modification item #1842
Another Radiotiques exclusive. This is a 1924 Crosley Trirdyn (Model 1121) radio in a beautiful condition walnut cabinet with a striking black bakelite panel on the front. The original chassis was removed but all switches and controls were left intact on the front panel. A 3 tube amplifier (12AX7, 2 x 50C5) was custom fitted into the cabinet. An RCA phono jack on the back with a special stereo to mono adapter cord allows you to safely plug in any audio source (record player, MP3, IPOD, etc) to hear music. A Bluetooth receiver is also included to pair with any WiFi enabled device (Iphone, IPAD etc) and you can stream wireless entertainment. On the back are the controls for the amplifier (loudness, treble, base) and you can turn it on and off using a switch on the front panel from the original Crosley radio. Speaker terminals are provided on the back. Any 8 ohm speaker will work fine and we can discuss options but if you want to recreate that 1920's sound try a vintage Atwater Kent Model H horn speaker to pair with the Crosley - $100 extra, sorry not sold alone). Need a really unique gift, this is the one.

$150.00      condition: excellent

Chassis - Crosley Tridyne Regenerative Receiver 1924 item #1841
Chassis only. Untested. As removed from cabinet - what you see is what you get. Save shipping - parts also available.

$10.00      condition: parts set

Emerson Library Radio item #1840
A beautiful example of this Emerson radio that resembles a set of books, "History of Nations," eight volumes, circa 1947. The overall case is in excellent condition, however, the right door that hides the radios controls and dial when closed has come off from its cloth hinge. You can either buy color coordinated binding tape and reattach, or you can have a professional bookmaker repair for you (I got an estimate of $75 to do the work). Many of these sets are completely missing the door because of this reason. The chassis has been checked and parts replaced as needed. The dial lamp works fine, and the set plays good, picking up all my local AM stations. Not an easy radio to find. Size is 13"W x 8"H x 8"D.

$350.00      condition: good

Philco HiFi Amplifier item #1838
I took this amplifier out of a Philco Hi Fidelity record player Model D1327. It is quite large for the type of amps you usually find in record players. Although it has three tubes it delivers an amazing 6W output. The circuity is quite unusual and features two selenium rectifiers with a voltage doubling circuit so the plate voltage on the 50L6's is 215 VDC. The usual plate voltage on a 50L6 is 105 VDC. These higher voltages and power achieve a greater frequency response resulting in a true hifidelity sound. The amplifier is all original and should be recapped before attempting to play it. Another unusual feature is that it uses two speakers, an 8 inch bass, and a 6 inch electrostatic speaker with an acoustic resonator. These will be included with the amp. Since the amplifier already has a phono input, you could easily plug in your IPOD, MP3 etc and really rock the house (ask me about a Bluetooth receiver that plugs into this input and you can stream music from any Bluetooth device for a really special listening experience). Copy of schematic and parts list included. Connecting cables that plug into amp included.

$55.00      condition: fair

Silvertone 6226 Wireless Record Player item #1837
I have been asked several times if I would sell this Silvertone and the answer is finally yes. It is a Model 6226 wireless record player. It plays 78 rpm records only. Overall condition is good but It will need a cartridge which can be bought on the internet (the old one was a crystal cartridge with removable steel needles). It is unique because it contains an AM transmitter (oscillator) that broadcasts the music to any nearby AM radio (range is pretty good and will cover a two story house). It uses two tubes (25Z5 and 6A7) and the output is adjustable between 740 and 550 KC (lower end of the AM broadcast band). Before the original cartridge died the unit operated fine except the speed seemed slightly slower then I remember (I played many records over the years on this one and they all sounded good). That probably means a good cleaning and lubrication of the motor is needed. A unique feature of this turntable is a pilot lamp built into the bottom of the tone arm which illuminates the record while playing. Can't recall that feature in any other record players from the 1940's and is really neat to see working. Comes with copy of schematic and operating instructions.

$50.00      condition: good

Garrard Turntable Parts item #1836
I have many parts for vintage Garrard turntables including those hard to find single play spindles. Even a vintage Garrard needle gauge in original box. Please enquire about parts availability and pricing.

$1.00      condition: good

Chassis - Philco 38-4 item #1835
This is a very nice chassis from a Philco 38-4 console. The cord was cut but since everything looked original and intact I jumped in a power cord and slowly brought it up to full voltage on my variac. It was drawing the correct amperage, B+ voltages were within range, and I got some sound from the speaker. Should therefore be a straightforward restoration. Uses dual 6F6 output tubes. The dial is one of the best I have seen. I also have the original speaker with a repaired small tear. Price for the chassis is $55, price for the speaker is $25, together $75. Also would be willing to part out. Those transformers with the rectifier tube on top will cost you as much as I am asking for the chassis. Expect shipping to be in the $30-35 range due to the weight. If you live east of the Mississippi, I'll sell you the chassis + speaker for $100 with shipping,


Philco 48-360 item #1832
Very nicely designed Philco 48-360. This is the roll top shown in the open position. The wood slats move down covering the dial and knobs in the closed position. The wood cabinet is clean just a few age related scuffs and the fabric in very good condition. If you wipe it down with Howards Restore A Finish it will look great. The chassis looks clean and untouched (the power cord needs replacing so I have not powered it up but it is probably 100% original inside). The leather top handle is gone but exact replacements are available. The brass end caps are held on by screws so repair is easy since you will have the chassis out for repair anyway. A great looker and performer once restored.

$45.00      condition: fair

NordMende Sterling German Radio item #1831
NordMende Sterling tube radio from Bremen Germany. Also marked Norma Luxus USA on back. Great condition and comes with its original cloth dust cover with the NordMende name on it. Plays so well I never opened it up. AM, FM and SW bands. Provision for external FM dipole and AM antennas. External speaker jack as well. A real beauty.

$125.00      condition: excellent

Garrard AT60 Turntable item #1830
Vintage Garrard AT60 automatic turntable. Working. Can be used in both automatic and manual mode. 4 speeds. With Shure M81 stereo cartridge and good 75C needle. Very nice all around condition including original walnut wood base. Just needs some polishing of the stainless steel ring on the turntable mat. These are sought after vintage turntables made in Great Britain. Can't beat my price. One of the best features of this series (AT6, AT60, M40 etc) is their small compact size but with all the high end features you would expect from Garrard. Comes with copy of original instruction manual and stereo cables.

$100.00      condition: good

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