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GE A53 item #1759
Nice looking GE A53 tombstone radio from 1935. Wood cabinet solid and original finish in reasonable shape. A few touch ups and polishing will make it look very presentable. The chassis looked intact so I powered it up on my variac. At 100 volts I was surprised to hear the radio playing very well with just a little background hum (I am sure those electrolytics need changing). All dials work as they should. Very nice original grille cloth and knobs. Original rubber cord is still pliable with just a small piece of tape where it exits the chassis (I would shorten it a drop and that will eliminate the taped part). One of the better examples of this radio in as found condition. Take a look at this link to see what Radio Attic sold this exact model for in 2012: Grab this one at a fraction of that price. Figure insured FedEx shipping to be about $25.

$60.00      condition: fair

Philco 9200 Tube Tester item #1758
First time I have seen a Philco tube tester. It is a Model 9200. Complete with copy of manual. Tried a few tubes and it works fine. Has sockets to test early preoctal (4, 5 and 6 pin), octal, loctal and 7 and 9 pin miniature. Shorts and leakage indicator. Case cover is detachable. Very nice condition throughout.

$125.00      condition: good

Guild Country Belle Telephone Radio item #1755
Sharp looking Country Belle Telephone radio by Guild, Model 556. Quality built solid wood cabinet is in good shape. With some more polishing it will look fine. Radio itself is in working condition. When you pick up the ear piece the radio turns on and replace it to turn off. All parts on the radio are original including wood knobs, cast iron earpiece and mouthpiece with brass trim, brass bells (need some polishing), and brass crank to tune stations. A great collectible and interesting conversation piece.

$50.00      condition: good

Guild Country Belle Telephone Radio Chassis, Parts item #1754
Parting out a Guild Country Belle telephone radio. All parts for sale: 5 tube chassis (working), speaker, metal telephone ear piece, metal and brass telephone mouthpiece, wood knobs, brass bells, station tuning crank, wooden parts off case if wanted. Please ask for pricing.

$1.00      condition: good

Brand New Weller Universal Soldering Gun Kit item #1753
Weller Model No 8200 dual heat (140/100 watts) soldering gun kit. Brand new in original case. Includes solder, 2 soldering gun tips (one for cutting, one for burning) in addition to the standard soldering tip already on the gun, wrench, soldering tool, and instructions. Can be shipped USPS flat rate.

$35.00      condition: excellent

Coronado 907 item #1752
I very seldom get Coronado radios to sell especially in wood cabinets. This is a Model 907. The cabinet is in decent condition but I think the lacquer finish may have been removed at some point. I would just use some Howards or Old English and I think that will make the cabinet look very presentable. I have had great success with wood cabjnets just like this one by using Watco Danish Oil, leaving it on for a few minutes, and then rubbing it off. Leaves a hand rubbed soft shine. There is also a crack that runs along the bottom solid wood base. You could fill the crack in with wood putty but since it is on the bottom piece I would just leave it alone. I have seen this occur many times with radios that have a separate solid wood base and it is just from aging. Finally a small hairline in the front by the speaker grill work but again part of the aging process and not worth any concern but I mention it for completeness. The transformer driven 7 tube chassis looks to be in original condition although I have not taken it apart (several of the tubes are marked Coronado). The good news is that the radio is working without hum. The original field coil speaker looks good too. Original knobs, pushbuttons, dial plastic, escutcheon and labels inside the cabinet. Unusual radio to come across in working condition.

$50.00      condition: fair

Philco 40-185 item #1749
Parting out a Philco Model 40-185. Everything is for sale including original chassis, tubes, knobs, pushbuttons (in as found condition), dial glass, metal escutcheon, 12" field coil speaker, grille cloth (frayed in spots), antenna, cabinet parts (what do you need). Open to offers on everything. UPDATE: chassis with dial glass sold.

$1.00      condition: fair

Crosley 11-118U item #1748
Fresh out of an estate comes this 1951 Crosley Model 11-118U "Serenader" radio. It is in excellent condition throughout with just 3 small scratches on top that could be touched up (look at first picture closely and you can just make them out). The case does not have any cracks or chips. I powered the radio up and it plays fine. I was curious so I took out the chassis and it is clean and all original. Knobs, back, and label on bottom complete this beauty. Priced at 1/2 of other websites.

$100.00      condition: excellent

Philo 37-610 Big Bullet item #1747
This is one of my favorite art deco radios. It is a 1937 Philco Model 37-610 aka "Big Bullet". The wood cabinet is in good condition for being 80 years old, but there are a few repairs needed. There is a small missing piece of veneer on the front as seen in the first picture. The lacquer finish on top is worn and will need some refinishing. The veneer along the front top edge needs gluing down, and there is a small crack in the veneer just before it starts the rounded portion of the cabinet (it can also be glued down and when sanded smooth should not be a problem). As you can see in the first picture the grill cloth is torn and the original Philco field coil speaker had some tears in this area. I was able to use rubber cement from the inside of the speaker and make the repairs and it is now fine. On the bottom of the cabinet is a factory cut out so you can see the underneath of the chassis. I noticed one electrolytic was disconnected so I removed the chassis and found all 3 were disconnected. I decided to replace them and to my amazement the radio played fine and sounded great. If this was my radio I would still replace the rest of the old capacitors, but this takes the big gamble out of buying an old tube radio and not knowing if it works. While I had the chassis out I noticed the plastic dial had 2 cracks and I was able to epoxy them tight. I think it looks fine but if this bothers you repro dials for this radio are available. Finally, the original knobs and escutcheon are good. I had one of these radios in my collection and sold it for $350. I had wanted to get another but do not have the time for any more projects so instead I am offering it for sale for $100 (I recently looked on ebay and cabinets alone for this radio go for $100). Please expect Fedex shipping to be around $35 East and $45 West of the Mississippi as this is a large radio and needs a big box with lots of packing. I am betting this radio will go quickly.

$100.00      condition: fair

Emerson 540 item #1746
Great find at auction. This is an Emerson model 540/540A, introduced in early 1947, sometimes called the "Emersonette". It has a tiny cabinet housing an All-American-Five (AA5) AC/DC superhet chassis. It covers the standard broadcast band. The cases on these radios are very fragile and as a result relatively few have survived. This one is a survivor and in excellent condition with no damage. Everything appears to be original and untouched right down to the knobs and back. The power cord is missing the plug but I tried it anyway and I got hum along with a local station with garbled sound. That means a recapping needs to be done. Here is the offer - buy it as found for $95, or I will rebuild the chassis so it works for $125. Since it is so small I will include shipping in the price. I am not listing it as excellent only because the chassis needs repair. The Emerson 540 is highly collectible.

$95.00      condition: good

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