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parts set

Books - Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's 3 Vol Set item #1099
From the Radiotiques archives comes this 3 volume set of Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's by Alan Douglas. Long out of print (1988) and very collectible. Great information and pictures. Perfect reference books to help identify your 1920's radio and give you some details about the company that made it. Conditions are near mint. Price is for set of 3. Free media mail shipping US lower 48 only.

$75.00      condition: excellent

Wizard Soldering Gun item #1023
Looks just like a Weller but sold by Western Auto as a Wizard soldering gun. Very good conditon single heat gun. Has dual bulbs to light up work space.

$15.00      condition: good

Garod 6AU1 Catalin "Commander" item #1011
This is a Garod #6AU1 "Commander" Butterscotch Catalin tube radio from 1945. Excellent condition with no major cracks, chips, nicks, dings, major scratches, or repairs,. The cabinet has been professionally hand polished with Novus #2. Everything appears factory original with the exception of the GAROD decal on the bottom which was replaced, The chassis was electronically restored and playing well across the dial, but most owners of catalin radios do not play their radios to prevent even the remotest possiblility of tube burns to the cabinet. All screws holding the chassis to the cabinet and trim pieces to the cabinet have been just "barely" tightened to prevent any damage from occurring in the future if the radio was subject to excessive heat or cold. Even the spring was removed from the inside of the cabinet so the handle would not exert any force on the cabinet (it is highy recommended that catalin radios not be picked up by their handles). If you are looking for a handsome addition to your collection, please consider this beauty.

$1,500.00      condition: excellent

Crosley F25 Clock Radio item #1000
Crosley Model F25 clock radio that looks like a small TV. Factory painted blue bakelite case is in very good condition with no major damage, just needs some cleaning and polishing. The problem is that the clear pastic on the front has areas that are damaged as you can see in the photo (the actual blue clock face is undamaged). Since the entire brass bezel snaps off in the front including the plastic insert, if you can find a similar radio with a damaged cabinet but a good front, it is easily interchanged and your in business. The good news is that the radio plays perfectly picking up stations across the entire dial range. Even the clock works. Original knobs on side in good condition but small clock knobs missing. This is a great restoration project for the money.

$25.00      condition: fair

Chassis - Emerson 572 Series A Clockette item #871
Chassis from Emerson Model 572 Series A (clockette). Powered up but just got low level hum so needs repair.

$25.00      condition: fair

Diodes item #799
Replace those old selenium rectifers in your later tube radios with a tiny diode and you will get better performance and long lasting reliability. Simple to disconnect rectifer and insert diode just making sure to follow polarity (silver band end of diode is positive and goes on side towards electrolytic). Price includes first class postage.

$1.42      condition: excellent

Christmas Radio Ornament item #763
Radiotiques has acquired a large number of these great looking "Melody Magic" ornaments that look like an old tube radio. They can be hung on a Christmas Tree or displayed anywhere you want. They were produced by Retrospect and made in the Phillipines (not from China!). They are made of resin and hand painted. Once these are gone there won't be anymore as the manufacturer stopped making these many years ago. I gave some of these out to my best customers over the years and I kept getting requests to buy more and finally located the last of the available inventory. They are about the same size as a pocket camera. Get them while they're still available because if you wait until Christmas, they may be gone. HOLIDAY SPECIAL - ONE FREE ORNAMENT WITH RADIO PURCHASE OVER $100 EXCLUDING SHIPPING.

$10.00      condition: excellent

GE C-440A Clock Radio item #741
This is an exceptionally clean and original GE Model C-440A clock radio. The case has hardly any wear with just a tiny knick on the left bottom and it shines like new. The color combination of blue and silver is very striking against the cream colored case. Best of all the clock and radio work fine. There is an additional AC outlet on the back of the radio and a place to plug in a record player using an RCA type phono jack (I can supply a cable to allow you to plug in your IPOD, MP3 player etc and a Bluetooth receiver kit). You won't find a better condition clock radio then this one.

$85.00      condition: excellent

Chassis - Zenith 7Y04 item #680
Zenith AM/FM chassis stamped 7Y04. Chassis has new electrolytics and 2 other paper caps replaced and works on both AM and FM. Overall condition very good. This chassis fits Zenith models with built in speaker.

$25.00      condition: good

Books - Bonhams Mark Woolley Catalin Radio Auction Catalog item #649
This is the Bonhams auction catalog for the Mark Woolley collection of Vintage Catalin Radios that took place in New York on December 19, 2007. Mark Wooley's collection was made famous in John Sideli's 1990 catalin radio book Classic Plastic Radios of the 1930s and 1940s. This auction catalog features 213 lots, almost all of which are the highest quality and extremely rare catalin sets ever produced. This catalog was $25 if you attended the auction. They are now out of print and if you are lucky enough to find one you will pay several times the original price (recent price was $125 from an Internet bookseller). Once I sell these out, they will never be offered again. I also have two copies left of the Bonhams Michael and Diane Schoeman Vintage Radio Collection of Vintage Radios (Catalin). This is even harder to find than the Woolley catalog. It is priced at $75, but buy them both for $100 until I sell out.

$50.00      condition: excellent

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