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parts set

Minimum - $15 on any order, $5 and up for postage. Thank you

Bakelite and Catalin Polishing Cloth item #1187
This is the perfect product to shine your brown, black or painted bakelite, catalin, plaskon, or polystyrene radio cabinet. It is a microfiber towel made of polyester/polymide fabric which is 100 times finer then human hair. It captures dust, dirt, and grime instantly from surfaces. It will not scratch the surface and leaves a brilliant shine. Just use your favorite cleaner or polish on your radio cabinet, take off the inital layer with a paper towel, and then polish with this cloth. Or just use it to remove surface dust. And I saved the best for last - when these are dirty throw them in your washing machine with warm soapy water, tumble dry with low heat (no fabric softener or chlorine bleach) and your towel is cleaned and good to go again. These are sold commercially in bulk but I am offering to sell individual towels at $3 each or 2 for $5 (postage and packing is $3.50). Try one of these and you will agee that they are truly amazing. Picture of towel is shown folded up but actual size is 16" by 16".. Second picture shows a Philco cabinet and the polishing cloth after use.

$3.00      condition: excellent

Brandes Model Unknown item #1175
First time I have sold one of these radios. It is a Brandes but I was not able to find out any information about it. The case is covered in a fabric like material. You may be able to clean it up. The radio did not power up but the partial label on the bottom indicates it usues the conventional GT tubes so one is probably bad. Everything looks to be original on the radio and probably untouched. UPDATE :Brandes was a private label brand manufactured in Newark, NJ by the home radio receiver division of Federal Telephone & Radio ( FTR ). This model may use the same Chassis as the Federal 1024TB manufactured sometime in 1948 / 1949.

$25.00      condition: fair

Chassis - Kadette K14 item #1132
Very rare Kadette Model K14 chassis. Looks untouched with all original parts. Even has a small piece of the original brown bakeilte cabinet attached (that is how I determined the correct model number). Chassis has a blue metalic color and no rust. As you can see it is missing the 6 tubes but the sockets are marked with the tube numbers. Speaker cone has small tear but easily repairable. Dial plastic undamaged and dial and pointer look excellent. Dial string is off the pulley. Original knobs but brown coating flaking off.

$40.00      condition: fair

GE 546PH Clock Radio item #1118
GE Model 546 PH clock radio. Styrene case with nice marbeling needs cleaning and polishing and there are some scuffs and marks on top that will buff out. Neither radio or clock worked when powered up so some repair necessary. Original knobs, clock face and dial in very good condition. Does not look like it was taken apart. Label on bottom.

$15.00      condition: fair

Books - Transistor Novelty Radios item #1103
Out of print book on Transistor Novely Radios by Robert Breed. Complete guide to transistor radios organized into categories such as travel and transportation, advertising, sprots, food and dink, etc. Descriptions, pictures and a price guide. Cover a bit yellowed along edge but otherwise fine.

$15.00      condition: good

Books - Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's 3 Vol Set item #1099
From the Radiotiques archives comes this 3 volume set of Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's by Alan Douglas. Long out of print (1988) and very collectible. Great information and pictures. Perfect reference books to help identify your 1920's radio and give you some details about the company that made it. Conditions are near mint. Price is for set of 3. Free media mail shipping US lower 48 only.

$75.00      condition: excellent

Wizard Soldering Gun item #1023
Looks just like a Weller but sold by Western Auto as a Wizard soldering gun. Very good conditon single heat gun. Has dual bulbs to light up work space.

$15.00      condition: good

Garod 6AU1 Catalin "Commander" item #1011
This is a Garod #6AU1 "Commander" Butterscotch Catalin tube radio from 1945. Excellent condition with no major cracks, chips, nicks, dings, major scratches, or repairs,. The cabinet has been professionally hand polished with Novus #2. Everything appears factory original with the exception of the GAROD decal on the bottom which was replaced, The chassis was electronically restored and playing well across the dial, but most owners of catalin radios do not play their radios to prevent even the remotest possiblility of tube burns to the cabinet. All screws holding the chassis to the cabinet and trim pieces to the cabinet have been just "barely" tightened to prevent any damage from occurring in the future if the radio was subject to excessive heat or cold. Even the spring was removed from the inside of the cabinet so the handle would not exert any force on the cabinet (it is highy recommended that catalin radios not be picked up by their handles). If you are looking for a handsome addition to your collection, please consider this beauty.

$1,500.00      condition: excellent

Crosley F25 Clock Radio item #1000
Crosley Model F25 clock radio that looks like a small TV. Factory painted blue bakelite case is in very good condition with no major damage, just needs some cleaning and polishing. The problem is that the clear pastic on the front has areas that are damaged as you can see in the photo (the actual blue clock face is undamaged). Since the entire brass bezel snaps off in the front including the plastic insert, if you can find a similar radio with a damaged cabinet but a good front, it is easily interchanged and your in business. The good news is that the radio plays perfectly picking up stations across the entire dial range. Even the clock works. Original knobs on side in good condition but small clock knobs missing. This is a great restoration project for the money.

$25.00      condition: fair

Chassis - Emerson 572 Series A Clockette item #871
Chassis from Emerson Model 572 Series A (clockette). Powered up but just got low level hum so needs repair.

$25.00      condition: fair

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